Featured Artist: Prismatic


Prismatic is a musical experience that pushes the boundaries of what we know as EDM. Highly eclectic in his musical tastes, Prismatic wishes to create a thought provoking musical experience that leaves the listener profoundly affected. From euphoric melodies to soul crushing bass, nothing is off limits to Prismatic. Having collaborated and remixed with artists Au5, Fractal, Savant, Volant, Virtual Riot, and Ramzoid, Prismatic will stop at nothing to have his sound heard and shared across the whole world.

Track List

  • Wes Goodie and Prismatic - Whirlwind
  • Digital Toys - Everywhere We Go (Prismatic Remix)
  • Monkey Freakz - Nemesis (Prismatic Remix)
  • Marshmallows - Tweet (Prismatic Remix)
  • Flybug ft. Vice Versa - Paralytic (Prismatic Remix)
  • Prismatic - Minty (Au5 and Fractal Remix)
  • Prismatic ft. Srey Davi - Isle
  • Scatman John - Scatman (Au5, Savant, Fractal & Prismatic Remix)
  • Wildpuppet - Dance With Cannibals (Prismatic Remix)
  • Virtual Riot - We Are Not Alone (Fractal and Prismatic Remix)
  • Prismatic - Reclamation
  • Nitrix - Adrenaline (Prismatic Remix)
  • Ramzoid - Borders (Prismatic Remix)
  • River Accorsi - Pure Energy (Prismatic Remix)
  • Prismatic ft. Foster and Nori - Rapture
  • Prismatic - Velocity
  • Prismatic - Fixture
  • Fractal - Urchin (Prismatic and Wes Goodie Remix)

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