10 Awesome Hoodies for Fall 2017

| September 23, 2017

The weather is cooling off and days are getting shorter, but festival season is still as hot as ever. With a huge number of Halloween-themed and NYE festivals looming on the horizon, we'll still be busy raving into 2018.

But with colder weather comes a different raving wardrobe (Fine, I still wear booty shorts in the winter months) and nothing tops off a rave outfit better than one of our hoodies. Our unisex hoodies do a double-duty, they keep you warm while looking cool. 

We've got something for every flavor, from cats to crystals. Here are 10 awesome hoodies for fall


1. Lush Galaxy Hoodie

Our all time best selling hoodie design is out of this world. The lush galaxy design is one of the favorites in our Space Vibes Collection and lend a dreamy galactic feel to this versatile hoodie. Perfect for cool days and chilly nights, this hoodie fits into any festival you wear it to. 




2. Dripping Space Hoodie

This hoodie is also space inspired, and brings with it an artsy feel that'll make you look classy and cool at your next event. With the monochromatic color scheme and the clever color blocking, this hoodie promises to be a great eye-catching addition to your rave wardrobe. 




3. Pineal Metatron Hoodie

The Pineal Megatron hoodie will bring a splash of color and design to your next outfit. The bright pink and yellow makes this hoodie dazzling and the overlapping mandala designs top off the hoodie perfectly. This hoodie can stand alone as a statement piece or be paired with another piece from our bestselling Sacred Geometry Collection




4. Wormhole Hoodie

Our Wormhole Hoodie brings the brilliant colors of outer space to your rave look. Between the swirling wormhole design and the bright combination of colors, there's a lot to love in this hoodie. This unique and eye-catching hoodie combines bright pinks, blues and purples into one unforgettable look. 




5. Fossil Hoodie

A guaranteed head-turner, the Fossil Hoodie is perfect for Lost Lands. Featuring a T-Rex skeleton on the white background and black splatter as an artistic touch this hoodie is the perfect balance between artsy and abstract. One of our favorite newest arrivals, this hoodie is a must-have for festival season.  




6. Owl Language Hoodie 

Bright colors and a creative owl design make our Owl Language line a favorite. Perfect for the cool nights during EDC Orlando or for any other festival you choose, the beautiful design will prove to be a conversation starter. Worrying about cool weather but don't want to wear a hoodie? The Owl Language design is also available in leggings, joggers, and a sweatshirt




7. New Planet Who Dis Hoodie

Featuring fractal patterns and an astronaut, there's a lot to love with this hoodie. The color scheme on the hoodie is a fashionable ombre, moving from light purple at the top of the hoodie to black at the very bottom. New Planet Who Dis is one of our newest designs and sure to be an unforgettable one. 




8. Bananas and Burgers Hoodie

I will unashamedly admit to food being my second favorite thing in the world (behind EDM of course) and the Bananas and Burgers hoodie combines the best of both worlds. While bananas and burgers are great food choices for ravers (nutrients and protein!) they lend their bright colors to this hoodie for a look that is unforgettable. 




9. Blue Galaxy Hoodie

We all love space vibes and the Blue Galaxy Hoodie hits the sweet spot. With a celestial design that is at once subtle but eye-catching, this hoodie utilizes a cool color scheme of blues and purples. The beautiful colors on this hoodie make it one to add to your fall wardrobe, and whether you wear it at an event or out and about, you're sure to turn heads wherever you go. 




10. Starry Night Hoodie

The Starry Night Hoodie takes art to the next level. Taking inspiration from one of the most famous art pieces in the world, Van Gogh himself would love this hoodie. A nod to Post-Impressionism, this hoodie shows off your learned and classy side. The design is recognizable anywhere you go and the somber colors and swirling style will get you compliments wherever you go. 


Check out the rest of our hoodies HERE for every design and color that we have to offer. There's something for everyone! 

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Lindsay Moriyama

Lindsey Moriyama

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Illenium, Gareth Emery and Porter Robinson are her favorites, but you'll find her at any EDM event in any borough. A lover of every genre from trance to dubstep, you can find her on the fringes of a crowd gloving, dancing and bringing good vibes. A PLURR fairy, basshead, trance child and kandi kid all in one, this scene is her world.

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