10 Best iEDM Rave Accessories Of 2022

| January 07, 2022

Rave fashion is just as much about the accessories as it is about the clothes. A brilliant form of personal creativity and expression, rave accessories span eyewear, face coverings, backpacks, and more. Combining revolutionary technology and the magic of PLUR, ravers are lighting up the dance floor in a whole new way with iEDM's extensive collection of Glow Gear and light-up accessories. From LED googles and kaleidoscope glasses to fanny packs and hooded blankets, iEDM has everything you need to take your festival outfit to the next level. Add some spice to your life with iEDM's favorite rave accessories of the year.


Check out iEDM's 10 Best Rave Accessories of 2022 below.



Pixel Pro LED Goggles


Travel to a trippy universe with the Pixel Pro LED Goggles. Built with over 350 different modes, these LED goggles allow users to customize and control everything from basic solid lighting to multi-colored rainbow effects. Designed to be incredibly durable and technologically advanced, the Pixel Pro Goggles are remote control operated, rechargeable via USB, and can store your favorite modes with its on board memory. Steal REZZ's iconic style with these light-up goggles.


Buy iEDM's Pixel Pro LED Goggles HERE!



Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses


Enter a magical world of mystifying visual stimulation with iEDM's Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses. These stunning glasses are the combination of customizable light-up frames with multi-faceted kaleidoscope lenses. Crafted to give users an unparalleled experience, these kaleidoscope glasses are destined to transport you to a trippy, light-filled utopia. 


Buy iEDM's Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses HERE!



Face Shifter LED Mask


If you're really looking to stand out in the crowd, then iEDM's Face Shifter LED Mask is your go-to accessory. Create your own patterns and designs with this customizable face mask. With over 100 different modes, you'll never get bored using this innovative app-controlled mask. Get your glow up on with this iconic face mask.


Buy iEDM's Face Shifter LED Mask HERE!



Fiber Optic Luminous Face Mask


Stay protected and stylish with iEDM's Fiber Optic Luminous Face Mask. This rechargeable, battery-operated face mask features seven different colors and five modes, allowing users to create a design that's unique to them. Be the envy of every raver at the festival with this futuristic face mask. 


Buy iEDM's Fiber Optic Luminous Face Mask HERE!



Light Reactive Wavy Trip Face Mask


Looking for an accessory that offers a surprise twist? Then iEDM's Light Reflective Wavy Trip Face Mask is just what you need. During the day, sport a simple black and white print. At night, this face mask comes to light with a colorful holographic pattern that reflects under the lights. Take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary with this unique accessory. 


Buy iEDM's Light Reflective Wavy Trip Face Mask HERE!



Gel Glove Set


Light up the night with iEDM's Gel Glove Set. These super stretchy spandex gloves are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and technologically advanced. Outfitted with non-slip gel microlights and custom Lux 2.0 microchip with on-board storage capabilities, the Gel Glove Set is fine tuned for performance. This pair of gloves is proven to provide the ultimate gloving experience.  


Buy iEDM's Gel Glove Set HERE!



Space Whip Remix Poi Set


This cutting-edge rave accessory offers the best of both worlds. Combining the effortless beauty of poi with the electrifying art of space whips, the Space Whip Remix Poi Set was designed with flow artists in mind. Complete with foam padded grips and durable handle loops, these space whips offer 18 different animated light modes and 35 vibrant colors to make each experience unique. Whether you're a master or novice, this whip set will help you stand out at your next rave. 


Buy iEDM's Space Whip Remix Poi Set HERE!



Cotton Candy Fanny Pack


Keep your essentials close with the Cotton Candy Fanny Pack. Illuminating with shiny blue and pink holographic material, this fanny pack duals as a mini hydration pack. Outfitted with a signature butterfly mouthpiece, this fanny pack can hold your phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, and more, along with its compact built-in flask. This style comes in two other colors: Plurmaid and Black Tar


Buy iEDM's Cotton Candy Fanny Pack HERE!



Donut Hydration Backpack


Stay hydrated in the hot summer sun with iEDM's Donut Hydration Backpack. This ultralight multi-functional backpack is designed to quench your thirst when you need it most with a built in hydration pack. The large zippered front pocket can safely store your essentials, like your keys, wallet, and cell phone while the main compartment houses 2 liters of water. As an added bonus, the mouthpiece is shaped like a butterfly pacifier. 


Buy iEDM's Donut Hydration Pack HERE!



Dream Waves Hooded Blanket


For chilly late-night raves and cool winter concerts, wrap yourself up in iEDM's Dream Waves Hooded Blanket. Designed to be functional and stylish, iEDM's hooded blankets combine the best aspects of a hooded sweatshirt and fleece blanket. These super soft, Sherpa-lined wearable blankets come in a variety of prints, so can mix and match with every outfit.


Buy iEDM's Dream Waves Hooded Blanket HERE! 



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Get ready for the 2022 festival season by gearing up with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!

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