10 Captivating Artists to Catch at Shambhala 2019

| July 12, 2019

Shambhala is acclaimed for being a paramount festival experience that encourages interconnectivity through multifaceted art and music. The Canadian festival has been creating unprecedented music events for over 20 years due to its ability to recognize game changing artists that are shaping electronic music. This year the festival successfully brought out the most innovative artists from a wide spectrum of dance music resulting in one of its most versatile lineups to date.

If you are planning on attending this transformative festival from August 9-12, we compiled a list of renowned artists for you to see to ensure that you won’t miss out on what will be some of the most phenomenal sets there. This list is packed with artists that are consistently diverse and capable of blowing you away every time. Take a look to start planning for what we are expecting to be Shambhala’s most iconic year.


1. Mersiv

Mersiv has recently skyrocketed into success and is now widely recognized as a legend in the making thanks to his limitless growth. Thousands embrace his hypnotic sound and its meditative nature that seemingly amplifies one’s consciousness with every beat. The producer unveiled his Digital Eden EP earlier this month which has been widely praised for its enchanting style as well as a Shambhala mixtape which is a heartfelt journey of its own. He couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for this festival where impactful art is the driving force.



2. Charlesthefirst 

One of the greatest attractions of Shambhala is the pristine greenery and landscape it is immersed in so to have a producer like Charlesthefirst whose style is greatly influenced by the beauty of nature is a match made in heaven. His ethereal sounds will soothe your mind and serve as a transcendental experience that reflects the healing essence of the Pagoda stage. Everyone deserves to be a part of what will be one of the most touching moments at this festival so we encourage you to do so.



3. Stylust

Stylust has been a staple at Shambhala for years because of the insanity and one of a kind flow be brings to every set. The DJ is known for his performances that infuse his signature hip hop flair with various elements of bass music that captivates the crowd with its unexpected yet addictive quality. He holds Shambhala as close to his heart which is why he pours boundless creativity into his live shows there and makes sure it is the wildest party at the festival where everyone feels welcome.



4. Trifinity – Yheti, Toadface, Mt. Analogue

If you’re a fiend for all things wonky and experimental, the Trifinity set at Shambhala is practically made for you. Trifinity is comprised of Ohio producers Yheti, Toadface and vocalist Mt. Analogue. They are all massive visionaries in the experimental bass scene whose combined genius will take you down a warped rabbit hole of unimaginably filthy frequencies.



5. El Papachango 

El Papachango is a part of the Shambhala favorites lineup which is no surprise considering the ingenuity and culture he has contributed to electronic music. His sound is heavily influenced by his Argentinian roots which can gives it a distinctive vibe that can command any dance floor. He amazed fans at Electric Forest last month with one of the most energetic sets at the festival so we cannot wait to see what he has up his sleeve for Shambhala.



6. Griz

The Fractal Forest is dedicated to showcasing diverse and soulful funk artists so it is fitting that the king of electrofunk himself Griz will be performing there. Griz has been on fire with the release of his Ride Waves album this year which includes collaborations with superstars Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa to name a few, along with a nationwide tour that has been selling out massive venues nationwide. Seeing him play in an intimate setting surrounded by nature like the Fractal Forest is a rarity which is why you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity!



 7. ill.Gates 

Toronto born musician ill.Gates will be returning to the country where his impressive career started to showcase his incredible sound at Shambhala’s Village Stage. Every performance he has had at the festival has been a mind-bending journey filled with melodic soundscapes and he will undoubtedly continue that tradition. Check out his live sets from previous years to get a taste of what this musical prodigy is capable of.



8. Rusko 

Rusko is one of the pioneering artists of dubstep who has shaped the way direction the genre has taken in countless ways. The uplifting energy and unsurpassable intensity he brings to every set has further solidified his success in the genre and keeps passionate fans coming back for more. We couldn’t be more excited to watch him elevate the atmosphere at this festival with a set that is bound to be legendary as Rusko himself.



9. Truth 

Truth will be a part of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous showcase along with Khiva, Distinct Motive, and Abstract Sonance at the Amp Stage. Each of these artists are masterminds in the art of deep dubstep which is a major subgenre of electronic music that Shambhala highlights. Truth is a duo originating from New Zealand and has been on the forefront of this movement so you won’t want to miss a chance to get a taste of the mystic sounds and heavy bass they specialize in.



10. Ivy Lab

Drum and bass legends Ivy Lab are a duo from London who have made extensive contributions to the genre with their cutting-edge production. They have been mesmerizing audiences with their outstanding sound design this festival season so we are looking forward to see the versatility they bring to The Grove stage at Shambhala.



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