10 Comfy Blankets To Cozy Up In

| November 24, 2017

The holidays are here and so is the cold weather! That gives us all the perfect reason to do a little shopping for things that will keep us cozy and warm.

If you are anything like me, you like to add an artistic touch to the simplest of things. iEDM has a collection of blankets curated from some of the best psychedelic artists.

Here are 10 blankets that will keep you warm and your eyes satisfied. They go great on beds, furniture, walls, festival adventures and make great gifts. Check them out.


1. Confetti Cloud Blanket


You can't go wrong with the cosmos. This colorful stardust blanket has a pallet that's great for girls and guys. Cozy up in this and let your eyes star gaze the confetti cloud. For more cosmic blankets, click HERE. 


2. Imaginatrix Blanket


This is the perfect mixture of geometric art. Dot art gives shapes shadowing depth and the flower of life makes your spirituality shine. It adds an artistic aspect anywhere you put it, and with the black and white scheme, it will match anything. 


3. Catstronaut Blanket 


Who doesn't like kitties these days and hasn't wanted to be an astronaut. Check out those adorable patches. Stay warm while you sail to the moon with this epic blanket. 


4. Future Dye Blanket 


Dyes are always so unique and full of symmetric folds with free flowing colors running along them. This one has very deep colors that make it pop. No one's eyes will miss this. 


5. Chill Blanket


Chill is an understatement. The royal blue and purple will have you staring in awe. For all of the flower lovers, it goes without saying, but this one is for you. Any smoker would flip out with excitement receiving this as a gift. 


6. Pizza Blanket


Mmmm, cheesy, greasy goodness. The only bad thing about this is that it'll make you crave the real thing. Show off your love for one of the best things this world has to offer. It goes hand-in-hand with the chill blanket. 


7. Shine Bright Blanket 


It is really hard to truly capture metallic on a piece of art, but this looks effortlessly conveyed. Turns out, crystal geodes look great on  blankets too. Crystal lovers, this is perfect for your crystal filled apartments and houses.  


8. Zen Jerry Blanket


This is what happens when you take your favorite show, higher perspective, and love of the cosmos, throw it all together, and put it on a blanket. Jerry really does need to chill tf out though. 


9. JG Blanket 


The bright colors aren't the only thing making this psychedelic work of art so eye catching. They flow together as if it were liquid naturally finding it's way. Flow through the night cuddled up in this work of art. 


10. Chill Holiday Blanket


Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is right around the corner and Santa's workshops are up and running at full speed. When you are done running around getting everything together for the holidays, stay festive and chill with this to keep you warm. Your family will love the enthusiasm. 


We hope that all of you enjoy the holiday season and stay warm and cozy with all of your loved ones. 

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