10 Flower Designs To Ring In Spring 2018

| February 21, 2018

Winter is slowly on its way out, and the coming spring means that Festival Season 2018 is quickly approaching. While the weather outside is still frightful (at least in New York) there's no reason not to celebrate spring.

Bloom your style with the season from the iEDM Flower Power Collection. It has the perfect picks for our favorite upcoming Spring Festivals - Coachella, Ultra and EDC soon after.

We at iEDM have compiled a list of our ten favorite floral picks for Spring 2018. Check out the list below, which includes festival essentials from eyewear to hydration packs, to hoodies and more! 


1. Flower Of Life Bandanna 


Complex and brilliantly colorful, our Flower of Life Bandanna features intricate fractal patterns throughout both the flower and blue and purple background. This vibey design is also available in many clothing styles: a tapestry, cozy joggershoodiecrop topblanket and t-shirt. Trippy, vibey and fun, this design is a sure must-have for the upcoming spring. 



2. Florally Crop Top


The Florally Crop Top utilizes a warm summer palette of watercolors to give this crop top an artsy and dreamy feel. The blend of reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples are reminiscent of summer flowers, and the growth and warmth that we all associate with the summer months. With the mandala-esque design in the middle and the blotted watercolors on this crop is everything that we love about summer. 



3. Floral Cat Eye Kaleidoscope Glasses


Flowers, spring and Coachella are synonymous with one another, but instead of taking the flower crown route, try out our Floral Kaleidoscope Glasses. These glasses bend and refract light creating cool patterns. These glasses work both during day and night and will provide you with stunning visuals and a fashionable floral pattern to add a pop of color to your look. 



4. Bloom Tank Top


Featuring a design that is equally artsy and vintage, our Bloom Tank Top features stylized red and blue flowers with matching vines all on the front of the tank top. The summery vibes from this design make this floral pick perfect for heralding in summer and spring. This fun design is perfect on and off festival grounds and will fit in at any festival from Coachella to EDC



5. BW Floral Joggers


Joggers are a fun wardrobe staple year-round but become especially popular during the cooler months. Stay warm and stylish at your next rave with our BW Rose Joggers. The monochromatic color palette and nature-inspired design will make you stand out at your next event. Check out the rest of our Mother Nature Collection HERE to get in touch with your zen side. 



6. Flower Child Hydration Pack


Hydration is important no matter where you are, but especially during festival season, it is essential to stay hydrated. A hydration backpack is the easiest way to keep your body cool and hydrated without having to leave the crowd to find a water station. The Flower Child Hydration Backpack features a fun and floral design that fits into the summertime vibes of the upcoming festival season. 



7. Daisies and Space Tank Top


Our Daisies and Space Tank Top brings the best of both space vibes and mother nature. The warm colors and detailing on the daisies contrast with the soft galactic background and make this tank top casual enough to wear off of festival grounds but interesting enough to fit in at any festival. A sure pick for spring and a unique addition to your raving wardrobe. 



8. Sonic Blossom Hoodie


Brilliantly colorful and with an ethereal floral pattern, our Sonic Blossom Hoodie is your next favorite hoodie. Perfect for celebrating the approach of warmer weather, this hoodie is bright and unique. This beautiful hoodie has an eye-catching pattern and this design is also available in a convenient zip-up hoodie



9. Radial Roots Hoodie


Artsy, imaginative and creative, the Radial Roots Hoodie features one of our newest designs, an upward view of an artistic tree silhouetted against a bright green leafy background. This design would not look out of place in a picture frame and the detailed and colorful hoodie will be just what you need to add a splash of color and design to your spring wardrobe. Check out one of our newest designs now available in a tapestryblanket and zip-up-hoodie



10. Supp Succulent Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie


One of our newest designs, the Supp Succulent brings the best of the millennial obsession with the little plants to your raving wardrobe. The succulent design is rendered in lovely water colors and the resulting design is highly artistic. The zip-up style makes this piece perfect for layering and this design is available in a regular pullover hoodie


Ready for spring? Check out the rest of our Flower Power Collection HERE and our Mother Nature Collection HERE for springtime inspiration and rave wear! 

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