10 Music Festivals That Don't Get Old With Age

| February 18, 2018

Music festivals have blown up in the past 20 years, giving us music lovers another reality to be free in. Our world went from having few festivals a year to having one every weekend of the season. We live in such a colorful era filled with creativity and talent. 

Many of these festivals are starting to get up there in age, and have been perfected by going through years of trial and error. They stay so up-to-date that you may have no clue how old of some of them are by the way they rave.

We have seen many festivals come and go as they get older. However, some refuse to show let go of their youth. Here are 10 Festivals That Don't Get Old With Age.


1. Bonnaroo


Photo Credit: Adam Oliver 

"Bonnaroo" is a French-New Orleans term derived from the French words "bon à rue," which means best on the streets. Even though the saying is not used in France, it is used by many in the music industry of New Orleans, and now Tennessee. Named after one of the most musically rich places in the South, Bonnaroo has become rich in music culture as well.

Reaching an annual attendance of 80,0000, this festival gives each and everyone one of its Bonnaroovians a legendary experience. In the campgrounds, you will find stages, shops, and food you can't get enough of. The main venue, Centeroo is magical, filled with art and activities to keep you entertained if you are not already dancing around one of the ten stages.

The line-up is always diverse, with the bests artists to satisfy everyone's musical tastes. Vibes are great, and people always come back for more making 2018 Bonnaroo's 17th annual gathering.

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2. Hulaween

Credit: Aaron Bradley Photo

This is the all-in-one experience! From getting lost in interactive art installations to dancing to the highest quality production, Hulaween takes the cake for keeping every year unique. Creativity is put into every single aspect of this festival, making it the ultimate Halloween experience.

The ability to bring your own golf cart makes every move so convenient, allowing your crew to conserve energy and time. It adds an incredible amount of ease.

Staff, vendors, artists, and attendees have the best of vibes, uniting for an amazing weekend, jamming to a diverse lineup, and three nights of The String Cheese Incident. When the music stops in the venue, it is still open for everyone to enjoy plenty of activities and entertainment. Plus, the best campground parties in the festy game can be found here.

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3. Electric Daisy Carnival 

The Electric Daisy Carnival has come a long way since its debut in the 1990's, including going international to Mexico, Japan, and China. Well known co-founder of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella, turned EDC from an underground rave to an international event that takes over cities. The evolution of this festival is impressive.

EDC's production is one of the best you can get. The stages are massive with graphics that take you to another dimension. That's not the only thing that will grab your attention and put you in a state of awe. You will find some of the most eccentric people in the world with vibes that make you feel the love.

Start planning now. iEDM has everything you need to rave through EDC's magical weekend. Check out more Rave Wear For EDC HERE.

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4. Electric Forest

Named #1 on our Best Festivals of 2017, Electric Forest is one of the most electrifying festivals in existence. We expect nothing less from a festival curated by The String Cheese Incident.

Taking everyone by surprise each year with its woodsy wonderland, you can find new interactive art installations here each year that will blow your mind. On an Electric Forest adventure, you will find treehouses that you can climb into and explore, glowing trees, swinging hammocks, and mysterious objects throughout the venue. The campgrounds will keep you dancing all night, with some of its famous pop-up parties. This takes boogying in the woods to a new level.

Known for its diverse lineup, many people come together to enjoy the music they love so very much and discover sounds they've never heard before. 

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5. Movement Festival

Movement Festival is a techno lover's dream and takes place in the heart of Detroit on Memorial Day weekend. Throughout 18 years of annual dance parties, it has undergone several different producers, but the experience has been nothing less than amazing.

Its perfect timing allows the show to go on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, with notable artists and closing shows that will blow your mind. To stay convenient for its guests, you can even bring your children with free admission for ages 12 and under.

This is one for the books. We'll see you there!

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6. Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo has been lighting people's lives up since 2009. New York has your labor day weekend covered with a dreamland for any festival lover in the center of the city. The beautiful Randalls's Island Park hosts the event right by the waterfront. 

The stages' enormous installation brings you glowing animals so big that you will feel like a human in an animal's world. It is the perfect place to let your spirit animal soar and run free with the rest of the heard.

Electric Zoo's cashless system keeps your precious money secure, and the lines aren't as long as the average. All of this thrown together with a mind-melting lineup keeps EZ young.

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7. Coachella

Coachella is another 90's baby. This year it's coming in hot to celebrate its 19th year. There is no way you've been to the west coast not hearing about this famous event. Music lovers from all over the globe come to party the weekend away in Indio, California for it.

The lineup is a hit year after year, making it top of the bucket list for anyone that likes good music, awesome people, great vibes, and world-class art. Coachella's headliners are always the people you've been dying to see.

Culture is always fun to dive into, especially in California. Get that perfect outfit together and go dance in the sunshine!

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8. Ultra Music Festival

Starting off in Miami, Florida, since 1999 Ultra has expanded to over 20 countries. This year, it is gearing up for its twentieth anniversary. During Miami Music Week, Bayfront Park hosts an attendance of 165,000 people from more than 60 countries for this life-changing event.

In Miami, the party never stops. After getting down in the park all day, you can enjoy top of the line after parties with performances from notable artists all over the city. Before hitting the venue again, there is a great deal of beach and rooftop pool parties to enjoy. 

The festival itself always books the best artists in the world, with a production to match its quality. Ultra just gets better with age and never has a dull moment. It's something you should experience if you like to party.

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9. Tomorrowland

Boom, Belgium is taken over annually by one of the world's largest EDM festivals. Since its debut in 2005, Tomorrowland has been meeting its mission to give the people of tomorrow a safe place to be themselves without compromise.

The show that this festival puts on is one of a kind. Each year brings something new. For example, 2017 was Amicorum Spectaculum, and 2016 was The Elixir of Life, bringing a unique experience to its attendance of over 100,000 each year.

Even the camping is phenomenal. DreamVille is a vibrant little city full of people from over 75 different countries. The party doesn't stop! The key to happiness is right before your eyes. This festival will make the bucket list of millions no matter how old it gets.

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10. Mysteryland

One of the oldest and still going strong, Mysteryland is yet another based in the Netherlands. With over 15 stages and an out-of-this-world lineup, getting lost in Mysteryland is something that people from over 50 different countries look forward to every year.

All while being lost, you can find house, drum and bass, or head banging music with the diverse EDM lineup that Mysteryland has year after year.

Pack your bags and buy your ticket to Amsterdam, because each year that Mysteryland throws a party is one that you don't want to miss.

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We would like to give a notable mention to Burning Man, as their first fire ceremony took place in 1986. They do not consider themselves a festival, but the gathering is something attendees have been enjoying for over 30 years now. 

To make your experience even better, dress like the gods and goddesses you are. Check out Rave Wear HERE for your next event! 

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