10 Must-Have Rave Eyewear For 2020


| June 26, 2018

One of the best things about a good show is the laser production is that they go well into the night as well. When those lasers start up, you want to be fully equipped with some of our favorite rave glasses of 2020. 

During the day, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, and at night, protect your eyes from crazy lasers, but also add some flare with fun styles. 

Rave shades are the perfect way to complete any festival outfit whether you’re going to Zedd in the Park or NRG!


1. Pixel Pro LED Glasses 


All of our LED goggles come with a USB rechargeable battery so you can stay lit throughout the night! Going to a day event? You can choose between tinted sunglass lenses or clear diffraction lenses. Learn about why the Pixel Pros are the most advanced LED glasses HERE



2. Customizable Ultimate Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses 


This is one of my favorite because it has sound-activated option. How cool is that?! Who needs flying cars when you can have glowing, sound-activated sunglasses that match perfectly to the beat of the bass?!



3. Copper Bolt Kaleidoscope Goggles 


For those steampunk rave kids that want the unique cyber-look, these are the goggles for you. They give you the immersive experience that comes with our optical grade glass crystals lenses and will fit in perfect for Burning Man



4. Customizable Luminescence Goggles 


Get that vapor wave / blade runner enthusiast style. These come in with an easy set up so you can glow, literally. Even if you rock them on your head, they are a fun light up accessory to complete to any festival outfit



5. Brass Spiked Diffraction Goggles 


Want to complete your vintage steampunk outfit for your next festival? Our Brass Spike Diffraction Goggles are perfect for any raver looking to have a blast. They are fierce and trippy all at the same time. 



6. Bug Eye Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses Black 


The Bug Eye lens is an all new design available exclusively at GloFX. This lens allows for the light to be split into multiple angles or a traditional image, depending on the angle in which you view them. Never before has their been such a vast variety of imagery from one set of glasses.



7. Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles 


Our Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles are perfect for any EDM or festival event. It's our favorite kaleidoscope crystals outfitted into a candy, colored goggle style. 



8. Transparent Blue Kaleidoscope Glasses 


GloFX Sacred Kaleidoscope Glasses will transform your reality into a geometric fantasy. Inspired by the Sacred Egg of Life and housed in a stylish frame, these Kaleidoscope Glasses are sure to stand out. 



9. Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles


In case you don't like brass (#5), we have a Chrome option too. This particular style has diffraction lens which reflect the sun to be beautiful rainbow prisms of light. They can instantly transform any light show into a mesmerizing experience. 



10. Customizable Heart Luminescence Diffraction Glasses


Our Heart Diffraction Glasses will make you the envy of your next big event, guaranteed! Don't wait another minute and fall in love with these Heart Diffraction Luminescence Glasses today!  


These are just our top picks and there are so many options to choose from, we had to narrow it down to just ten. Check out our full EYEWEAR COLLECTION HERE for more rave styles, colors, and diffraction patterns!


We just celebrated the first day of summer, so don't miss our Summer Accessories Guide HERE.

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Mai Ho-Nguyen

Mai Ho-Nguyen

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She was exposed to the music scene covering event production and traveling. If she’s not in California going to events with her friends, you can most likely find her on the other side of the planet or losing in melee.

The girl only has two moods when it comes to music, Synthwave or Bass. You can catch her at Elohim shows or head banging at Herobust, Snails, or 12th Planet.

So if you ever find her at a bass event, break her neck.

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