10 Must-See Acts at Nocturnal Wonderland 2022

| September 13, 2022

Nocturnal Wonderland is just around the corner and ready to present another striking lineup to the thousands of guests headed to San Bernardino, California on September 17-19, 2022. With stages hosted by Bassrush and Insomniac records, this festival provides a plethora of sets by the most talented house and bass music artists throughout the weekend.

Check out iEDM’s 10 must-see acts at Nocturnal Wonderland below.



Must Die! B2B Tisoki

Must Die! B2B Tisoki may be the most unique and memorable set of the weekend. This rare B2B will combine the catchy melodies and booming basslines of these two notorious bass artists. Must Die!-- currently embarking on his Feral Fantasy tour, is a practiced and refined producer in dubstep and trap genres, recently delving into the nuances of colour bass. Equally revered, Tisoki specializes in beautiful melodies with a complimentary trap bass line. The Must Die!/ Tisoki pairing is a genius combination that likely will result in a legendary set.

Adventure Club

This melodic dubstep duo is a staple for fans of 2010-2013 era bass music, also projected to perform tracks from their latest Red//Blue album. This set is sure to be a creative blend of classics and modern bass music. Nocturnal Wonderland guests can expect a healthy dose of nostalgia mixed with exposure to the newest phase of the Adventure Club project.

Doctor P

Similarly to Adventure Club, Doctor P’s long history is likely to draw crowds of the original fans of the dubstep genre. Often booked in back-to-back sets in recent years, a Doctor P solo set is a long-awaited event in the scene. Those who have not yet experienced a Doctor P set are heavily encouraged to attend a performance by this dubstep trailblazer.


This popular UK house duo consistently delivers energetic and thrilling sets that seldom have a dull moment. This project has not been featured often in the USA since the COVID-19 pandemic and thousands of fans are thrilled to experience their return.

Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger, a top-tier performer of space bass and father of Wakaan Records, is a headliner less often featured in Insomniac lineups. His niche sound is well-loved by hippies, psychonauts, and anyone who enjoys next-level production ahead of a peaceful crowd. Alongside his fantastic stage presence, Liquid Stranger will almost certainly play out his new collaborative track with LSDream, “POTIONS”.

Hi I’m Ghost

The quickly-growing riddim duo, Hi I’m Ghost is guaranteed to level the festival grounds with hard-hitting bass. Known for their smash-hit “Spooky Riddim” and several Lost Lands appearances, the accomplished artists are due to make their Nocturnal Wonderland debut this year. 


JSTJR is an energy powerhouse, revered for his multiple talents including dexterity on the decks and newfound social media success. Outside of his electrifying set, JSTJR is likely to be seen perusing the festival grounds speaking with attendees. Lucky guests may be featured on JSTJR or Insomniac Events’ social media, participating in trivia hosted by the artist. 

Disco Lines

Disco Lines is a newer artist, currently enjoying the rapid success of his viral hits “Techno and Tequila” and “Babygirl” remix. The young producer is currently on the precipice of the newest trends in house music, following in the footsteps of fellow overnight sensations such as ACRAZE. Disco Lines is projected to establish a long-standing career in house music and his journey to the top is just beginning.


Blanke is an Australian midtempo genius, revered by fans of similar artists such as Rezz, 1788-L, and Deathpact. His unique production style combines delicate melodies underlined by heavy industrial basslines, creating an intriguing juxtaposition of sound. Blanke often displays his expansive range when featuring his alternate DnB alias, ÆON:MODE, and fans can expect a broad setlist of mechanical bass and midtempo beats within his set.

Marten Hørger

Marten Hørger is one of few bass house artists included on the Nocturnal lineup. The German producer/ DJ is projected to throw down an energetic dance-inducing set with his own flair on house music. Ranked by DJ Mag as one of the top 10 most successful bass house artists on the planet, Hørger is a top-tier class-act on the Nocturnal Wonderland lineup.


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