10 New Men's Rave & Festival Outfit Combos

| April 14, 2023

It really doesn't matter if you are a veteran techno junkie or going to see Illenium at your first festival; everyone has a unique style when it comes to rave wear. I have always been amazed by rave fashion but never knew where to look for it. Many online rave retailers only featured a small selection of designs and items for men. That is, until I came across iEDM in my hunt for a trippy tank top. iEDM has a massive categorized library of outfits and accessories for men. Not to mention the fact they are constantly releasing mesmerizing new designs and graphics. With spring rolling in fast, a revitalization of your rave wardrobe needs to take place. Here are 10 new festival outfit combos for men.


Check out iEDM's 10 New Men's Rave Wear & Festival Outfit Combos below!


The Cure Tank

A visual time machine into the past, iEDM's The Cure is an ancient relic of immersive art. The attention to detail for this graphic is unbelievable, from the patterns on the shiny gold head dress to the beautiful creature depicted. Topping this tank top off is a vivid splatter of purple, red, and pink. This fit is an optimal choice to rep at a warehouse rave.

Get The Cure Tank HERE!



Cosmic Burst T-Shirt and Joggers Combo

Mimicking its name, the Cosmic Burst T-Shirt and Joggers Combo is an electrifying blend of teal, hot pink, purple, and black. Throw on this outfit and be hyper-beamed into a galactic adventure. While this wardrobe gem is solid for any outing, it specifically goes well with festivals and events that have more of a celestial theme.

Get the Cosmic Burst T-Shirt and Joggers Combo HERE!



Infinity Unisex Hoodie

Prepare yourself to get lost in a portal of EDM-fueled creativity when zipping up this comfortable hoodie. Even though Spring and warmer weather is approaching, this hoodie is easy to take on and off. Additionally, it will be crucial to bring this to outdoor festivals in some of the colder regions. Spinning into an endless swirl, iEDM's Infinity Unisex Hoodie presents endless possibilities.

Get the Infinity Unisex Hoodie HERE!



Outta Body Weekend Shorts

Definitely a more lighthearted design than the last option, these shorts encompass a seamless blend of color. The bright orange and pink fade together so smoothly that it provokes a state of zen among anyone who crosses its path. Also, the intricate tribal patterns are equally pleasing to look at. 

Get the Outta Body Weekend Shorts



Jewel Giraffe Spots T-Shirt and Shorts Combo

Everyone loves going on a safari! This organic graphic from iEDM makes you feel like you are out in the grasslands of South Africa while bumping to your favorite artists. With an entrancing collage of rainbow, this spotted t-shirt and shorts combo is versatile with any environment. However, it would be a prime pick for the upcoming Deep Tropics festival in Nashville.

Get the Jewel Giraffe Spots T-Shirt and Shorts Combo 





Happy Place Sweatshirt

As the wise Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore once said, "go to your happy place". Well now it doesn't take too much mental effort to get there. All you have to do is toss on iEDM's Happy Place Sweatshirt. This spectacle of artistic imagination takes its beholder on a psychedelic journey, regardless if actual mushrooms are involved or not. 

Get the Happy Place Sweatshirt 



Alien Pattern Tank and Shorts Combo

If you want to get weird and wonky with your rave squad, then adding iEDM's Alien Pattern Tank and Shorts Combo to your collection is the preferred route. The pitch black background is an ideal match for the rows of interstellar alien heads. Alternating between colors and being upside down, these alien faces will have your friends roaring in approval.

Get the Alien Pattern Tank and Shorts Combo



Energy Field Tank


Simple yet hypnotic, the Energy Field Tank appears as you would predict. Vibrant cool-colored waves of energy are strategically placed across this tank top in an alluring symmetrical design. Radiate loads of positive energy with this tank on and receive plenty in return!

Get the Energy Field Tank



Summer Vibes T-Shirt And Shorts Combo

Although this combo says "summer vibes", it is obviously a go-to fit for any time of year and occasion. Whether you are at a pool party or club show, this uplifting tie-dye combo will bring admirers your way. The playful fusion of colors forge an essence that needs to be danced in.

Get the Summer Vibes T-Shirt And Shorts Combo 



Thread Of Life Long Sleeve

Somewhat similar to the Infinity image, iEDM's Thread Of Life Long Sleeve possesses the power to bend one's reality. What makes this design standout, is its mystifying borders. It almost seems as if shockwaves are being produced just by embracing graphic. This long sleeve is the missing piece that every raver needs to complete their spring wardrobe.

Get the Thread Of Life Long Sleeve 



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