[INTERVIEW] Biscits Talks New Single With TOBEHONEST, MMW & Coachella 2024 Highlights, Future Plans, + More

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| May 03, 2024

We had the privilege of delving into the world of the renowned UK-based tech house artist, Luke Jones, better known as Biscits. With a career spanning several years, Biscits has become a pivotal figure in the global electronic music scene, captivating audiences with his infectious basslines and signature house-fueled style.

Rising from the vibrant city of Southampton, Biscits has garnered acclaim for his full-bodied peak-time cuts, drawing comparisons to industry giants like Diplo and Fisher. His chart-topping releases on esteemed labels such as SOLOTOKO and Higher Ground have solidified his reputation as a leading producer, while his regular support from BBC Radio 1 and Sirius XM speaks volumes about his widespread appeal.

Biscits provided insight into his latest collaboration with TOBEHONEST on the track “I Am The One,” out now on Insomniac Records. Additionally, he shares personal highlights from his recent experiences at Miami Music Week and Coachella, offering a glimpse behind-the-scenes of these iconic events. Furthermore, Biscits discusses his upcoming plans and goals, shedding light on what the future holds for this dynamic artist.

Check out our exclusive interview with Biscits below. 


iEDM: Your new single with TOBEHONEST, “I Am The One,” is an absolute heater! Can you share some insights into the creative process behind it? How does “I Am The One” represent the evolution of your sound and style as an artist?

Biscits: I am a big fan of vocals, and that is normally where I start when building tracks. In this case, TOBEHONEST (TBH) actually sent me a demo which was already sick. I instantly knew where to take it. The whole process of working with TBH was a dream, his drum grooves are so groovy and that is definitely something that will be influencing things moving forward. 

iEDM: With the collaboration being a long time coming, what inspired the decision to work together with TOBEHONEST on this particular track? 

Biscits: TBH has been smashing it for a while now, so it was only a matter of time until we made something work. It was Dope Earth Alien’s vocals that instantly attracted me to this one though, I have loved her ever since I discovered her on Jansons track “Switch” back in 2019. 


iEDM: How did you balance your signature production styles? Are there any segments or specific elements in “I Am The One” that stand out to reflect your unique sound?

Biscits: Like I mentioned earlier, TBH had a great demo down already and I didn’t want to change things too much. I mainly just focused on the bassline so it really banged in the club. 


iEDM: The artwork and visualizer for “I Am The One” adds a captivating aesthetic to the song itself. From your own perspective, in what ways does it embody the sonic atmosphere of the track?

Biscits: We just wanted to have some fun with it all. We happened to be in Miami for MMW so just ended up messing around one night and celebrating the track going live. 

iEDM: With previous chart-topping releases like “Don't Stop” and “365,” how do you see “I Am The One” fitting into your discography and impacting your musical legacy?

Biscits: I just like to focus on having fun with my music and try not to look back or forward too much. As long as I am satisfied with how the music is sounding, then I am happy! 


iEDM: You have mastered the recipe for creating catchy tech house bangers throughout your career. What is the most pivotal advice that you can give to up-and-coming producers to catch the attention of their audience early on in each track, and keep them engaged until the end?

Biscits: I would suggest trying to find your own sound and stick to it. These are what will help you become instantly recognizable to listeners. Try to avoid emulating what other people are doing or you will lose track of what makes you unique and your overall goals.


iEDM: What were some of the highlights of your experience at Miami Music Week this year, such as from your appearances at Insomniac Records Pool Party and Gorgon City's Enter The Realms?

Biscits: It is always a good time to see what music people have been working on and you get an idea of how the year ahead is going to sound. I had an awesome time playing with Max Styler at the Realm pool party, he is going to have such a big year.

I also loved the mass b2b in the lobby of the Insomniac pool party after biblical rain kicked in, cancelling the event. Every DJ in Miami descended on the party, it was amazing! 

iEDM: What were the major highlights from your debut performance at Coachella’s DoLab stage?

Biscits: So I only had an hour, which was a nightmare trying to fit everything in. I have got this wild intro sampling the Dune theme tune which I am LOVING! I also have some new bootlegs that I played for the first time too! People seemed to love them. 

iEDM: If you could go anywhere, what is one destination or venue that you would love to perform at for the first time, and why? Active or retired, what artist would you love to do a B2B with at this location?

Biscits: I have been wanting to play at the Gorge, Beyond Wonderland, for ages. The location is just unreal. I am very lucky to have been booked to play there in June. It has been a great year to be fair, and I still cannot believe I played Coachella either. Crazy bucket-list times right now.


iEDM: Looking ahead, what energizes you the most about the future of your career, especially in terms of upcoming projects, collaborations, and performances? Outside of music, what major goals or experiences do you have in mind for the rest of the year?

Biscits: I have got one or two more collaborations that I am very excited about but it is too early to mention, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I have also got another headline tour coming towards the end of the year which I will be announcing soon too. 

I am also extremely keen to get another album out, and currently in the process of writing that for the next 5 weeks, so hopefully, I can start to talk more about that soon. 


Connect with Biscits: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify


Photo courtesy of Biscits. 


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