10 New Tracks for February 2018

| February 09, 2018

It's only February and tons of new and exciting developments have shaken the EDM world. From Destructo's new FriendShip to festival lineups being dropped left and right, there's lots to look forward to. And what better way to start off the new month than with some new music?

Featuring new tracks from Zedd, Cherney, Herobust, Dion Timmer, CID and more, iEDM chose our favorite tracks to listen to in February.

Check out tracks from both new and familiar artists, dip your toes into SLANDER and Say My Name's new collaboration, throwback with Deorro as Tonic and break your neck to Ganja White Night and Zeds Dead's newest collaboration. 


1. I Can't Escape- SLANDER and Say My Name


This long awaited track from SLANDER and Say My Name has been teased in sets and mixes for months now. "I Can't Escape" opens with haunting vocals and a saccharine piano melody before building into a heavy-bass-face-causing drop. Personally I love the contrast between the sweet beginning of the track and the pure filth of the drop. This track will be making waves on the festival circuit and I'm predicting a deluge or remixes on this new track from Slander and Say My Name.



2. Don't Give Up On Me- Illenium x Kill The Noise x Mako 


Illenium has been teasing this track in sets as far back as EDC 2017 and throughout the duration of his Awake tour, and Illenials were thrilled when he finally dropped his long awaited collaboration with Kill The Noise and Mako. Don't Give Up On Me is a heavy departure from the soaring emotive tracks that Illenium showcased on Awake and returns to Illenium's trappy and bassy roots. A rail-rattling banger, Don't Give Up On Me showcases Illenium's incredible musical versatility and highlights Kill the Noise and Mako's hard-hitting styles. 



3. The Middle- Zedd


The track utilizes a minimal beginning with powerful vocals from Maren Morris and a ticking clock, reminiscent of Stay. On the track, Zedd says "We worked really hard on this record to get it just right and it feels great to be able to finally share it with everyone. It was super fun working with Maren because she is clearly an amazing singer and very talented musician. And, I always love working with Grey because we push ourselves to make the best music possible and the end result is incredible.



4. Existence- Deorro


If any of Deorro's fans think that the producer is reaching for new sounds, they'd be wrong. With "Existence," Deorro reaches back to his earlier sounds that helped put him on the map as a young producer. Very underground, refreshingly different and bouncy as hell, "Existence" will be bringing a new flavor and sound to festivals. On "Existence," Deorro says "this track connects with a lot of my earlier sounds from when I was known as Tonic. It's a fusion of "back then" and "today" sounds. This is existence.



5. Lullaby- R3hab and Mike Williams


Lullaby brings haunting choral vocals front and center, a sound that lives up to its name. The track shines a bright light on future bounce, and the track brings both producers' distinctive styles into the melodies, chorus and beats that move throughout the song. Sure to get crowds singing along, Lullaby is haunting, fun and beautiful all at once, a sure track to listen to! 



6. Blockbuster (VIP)- Herobust


When it's a Herobust track, you know that you're going to break your neck, the rail or your back. And it's quite okay. Blockbuster (VIP) was utilized as the introduction for several of Herobust's sets, and it's easy to see why. With an absolutely massive build, bass-boosted sound and filthy drop, (VIP) of Blockbuster is sure to stun. Described by Hayden (Herobust) as "100% rail music"- you better go get yourself a neck brace. 



7. Depart- Cherney


What stands out the most in Cherney's new track is the unique sound design that brings in a combination of trap and dubstep infused with metallic sounds, crunchy bass and throaty vocals.Depart was met with positive feedback from the bass community and is another step forward for the LA producer. Cherney is definitely an up and comer to keep a close eye on. Check out his official SoundCloud HERE



8. I Miss You- CID


A laid-back and melancholic track, I Miss You is the newest track from New York native CID. On the track CID writes "From the first time i played “I Miss You,” I knew the emotion in the song really connected with the crowd. I feel that the message is very relatable. It reminds you to be hopeful and to be open to giving love a second chance. At some point i’m sure everyone has found themselves in a similar situation. Regardless if you were the one who did wrong or the one hurt in a relationship the feeling of missing someone is the same. “I Miss You” connects everyone in that shared experience."



9. Join Me- Dion Timmer and LAXX 


You know a track is good when it brings out your bass face even if you're not at a show. LAXX and Dion Timmer bring a trappy and bassy new track called "Join Me" in which the disparate elements of both artists can be clearly heard. Definitely not a collaboration I expected, but a solid track with wobbly bass lines, deep builds and heavy drops. "Join Me" is available on the new Fake Friends' LP out on February 2nd. 



10. Samurai- Ganja White Night and Zeds Dead


The new track from the boys has a slow piano opening with a chill build. But don't be deceived by the seemingly mild opening of the track, at two minutes in, Samurai drops into the expected wobbly bass that will give headbangers another reason to break rails. The track is fresh, original and a sure addition to bass sets in the future. Check out this new one from the boys and let us know what you think! Check out the iEDM exclusive interview with Zeds Dead HERE.  


If you needed some new music to listen to this week, give these tracks a listen. Stay up to date with more EDM News HERE on iEDM. 

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