Destructo Confirms New Boat Called "FriendShip" Via Twitter


| January 26, 2018

Destructo, AKA Gary Richards, broke fans hearts earlier this year when he announced he wasn't going to be with HARD, the company that he founded anymore, and no longer curating Holy Ship.

Five years ago, he sold HARD to LiveNation and after his contract ended, rumors speculated with the announcement. He promised big plans and then later the announcement came that he would be working with LiveStyle, which is formerly his competitor SFX.

LiveStyle is the spin off company of SFX, which was created after the music conglomerate filed bankruptcy in 2016. 

Gary is now President of LiveStyle and will be working on events like Electric Zoo and Life In Color. 

Currently, he is playing across the U.S. on his Let's Be Friends Tour. Destructo and friends are hitting the hottest venues across the country from NYC to LA. 

Recently at his show in NYC, Dancing Astronaut reported that Destructo announced to the crowd that he would be putting together a new ship called "FriendShip."

He later tweeted the following:



Soon after, Billboard published an article confirming FriendShip, followed by another tweet from Destructo saying "Billboard has the 411." 



No other official statements have been made, but there are lots of rumors speculating across the internet. 

Destructo fans have said 'no Gary, no ship,' and we have seen nothing but positive feedback from fans with this news. iEDM will stay up to date with this story and plan to embark on FriendShip because we will forever love the king of G-House. 

In the mean time, catch Destructo on his Lets Be Friends Tour at a city near you HERE.  

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