10 Outfit Essentials For EDC 2018

| May 14, 2018

The countdown for EDC Las Vegas 2018 has began and now that your hotel and travel is booked, it's time to plan that perfect EDC outfit

EDC is known for its rave wear fashion. Everyone will have their best rave attire ready to go for three days of PLUR madness. 

It's common for girls to decorate old bras into EDC perfection with flowers and bedazzling. Guys are often in all the neon you can ever dream. 

EDC is the place to express yourself. Maybe you want to get a little trippy or you want to embrace your spirit animal

Whatever you envision your EDC style to be, don't forget the kandi and your other favorite rave accessories. 

Here are 10 Outfit Essentials For EDC 2018: 


1. Acid Tiger Weekend Shorts 


The Acid Tiger shorts are fun, colorful and trippy. They are perfect from the pool party to heading into the festival. They will keep you cool all while saying, "let's get weird." This psychedelic design comes in a hoodie and t-shirt too. Check out more Weekend Shorts HERE



2. Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles  


These glowing goggles will light up under the electric sky as your new favorite rave wear accessory. The kaleidoscope lens look awesome even when you aren't wearing them, and when you do put them on, expect to have your face melted from the fractals. 


3. Owl Language Tank Top 


The Owl Language Tank comes in both men's and women's fit. Since the totem of Insomniac is an owl, this design is perfect for Insomniac's staple event, EDC Las Vegas. Run around the festival wide awake from dusk till dawn with all the other night owls. 



4. Unicorn Spew Crop Top


Crop Tops are a must at this festival in the desert. Despite Insomniac pushing forward the date to accommodate heat, EDC is still guaranteed to be a hot one. Rock this colorful crop and show off the unicorn that you are. 



5. Holographic Disco Hydration Backpack


A hydration backpack is a must to survive raging in the desert of Nevada. You can fill it up with 2 liters of water and bounce between your favorite sets all night long while keeping your rave squad safe and hydrated. It's easy to forget to drink water when dancing for hours, but staying hydrated is the most important safety tip for festivals. 



6. Dazzling Dimensions Booty Shorts 


These starry shorts are for your out-of-this-world booty. They're bright and vibrant and will have you shaking it to another dimension. Booty shorts are a must at EDC because it's so hot. Pair it with your favorite crop top and fluffies, and you have the perfect rave outfit. 



7. On One Bandana


A colorful bandana is the perfect rave accessory for anyone. It spices up your festival outfit instantly as the topping on the cake. This fractalizing style is trippy and fun, fitting in perfect with the neon vibes of EDC. 



8. Pickle Rick T-Shirt 


This Pickle Rick design will have fellow Rick & Morty fans stopping you everywhere you go. This design shows your goofy side and love for the best cartoon show in existence. If you are a Rick & Morty fan, this style is a must. It is also available in leggings, tank top, and even a hoodie. 



9. Barbed Wire Web Back Top 


Rave bras are a must at EDC. Everyone puts a lot of time and thought into their EDC outfits. They glue rhinestones and flowers to everything and go above and beyond with leg wraps, glitter and other accessories. This barbed wire rave bra is perfect to match any outfit style, from tutus, to fishnets with the matching shorts. 



10. Lux Glove Set 


The Lux Glove Set will keep you entertained on your inevitably long shuttle ride. Or if you are camping, then it will keep the party going at your campsite. The glove colors are customizable and will stay bright all night. The batteries are changeable, so order extras to keep your gloving fresh all weekend long. 



EDC is a time to truly be yourself, express yourself and let out all the weird you can't everyday. Be wild and be you. Rock those trippy glasses and wear that black light ready t-shirt. This is your time to shine under the electric sky. 

Check out iEDM's EDC Collection HERE for more inspiration for your perfect EDC outfit


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