10 Dope Outfits That Merge Animal And Space For This Year's Electric Zoo Festival

Electric Zoo

| August 02, 2023

Prepare to transcend the boundaries of fashion and embark on an extraterrestrial journey at this year's Electric Zoo: Hyperspace. In a collision of untamed wilderness and celestial wonders, we present the top 10 outfits that ingeniously merge the raw power of animals with the enigmatic allure of space.

Roaring lions adorned with cosmic constellations, winged creatures soaring among distant galaxies—the fusion of animalistic and astral elements creates a visual spectacle like no other. As the stages come alive with music, let your attire echo the harmonious union of the natural world and the cosmos, as you unleash your inner beast under the starlit skies.

Check out iEDM's 10 Dope Outfits That Merge Animal And Space For This Year's Electric Zoo Festival below.


10) Iguana King Weekend Shorts

Iguana King Weekend Shorts

Not typically seen as the 'king of the jungle' this Iguana has climbed to the top of rave fashion royalty. Holding his tropical skull margarita in one hand and looking out over its kingdom, this vibrant chief is consistent with the subtle blend of yellow, orange, and green in the background. Share that same look of pride when you arrive at Electric Zoo: Hyperspace, knowing you made the right decision.

Check out iEDM's Iguana King Weekend Shorts HERE!


9) Cosmic Mystery Hoodie Dress

Cosmic Mystery Hoodie Dress

New York can get a bit chilly at night during the start of fall. That is why you will want to have this Cosmic Mystery Hoodie Dress on deck. A tiger and its female companion stare out into the darkness as they radiate a soft orange glow. Show off your fearlessness and make your way to the rail with the empowerment that this fit provides.

Check out iEDM's Cosmic Mystery Hoodie Dress HERE!


8) Nebulous K9 High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit

Nebulous K9 High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit

A regular dog is a man's best friend but nothing is cooler than a dog from space repping some fresh sunglasses. Fellow ravers will be magnetized in your direction when they lay eyes on this suave masterpiece, pleading for the website or name of this awesome high cut swimsuit. The neon pink K9 is stunned by beautiful view of a planet and the sun in the far recesses of space.

Check out iEDM's Nebulous K9 High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit HERE!


7) Rainbow Land Sweatshirt

Rainbow Land Sweatshirt

“I do not want to live in Rainbow Land! And you can't make me live in Rainbow Land!” Although this scene from The Campaign, starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, was absolutely hilarious, this sweatshirt displays that Rainbow Land is 100% a place where we all want to live. The chaotic fusion of bright kaleidoscopic multicolored designs are the perfect backdrop for the majestic, black-and-white grazing Zebra.

Check out iEDM's Rainbow Land Sweatshirt HERE!


6) Lion Galaxy Muscle Tank

Lion Galaxy Muscle Tank

With the ability to send a wave of tranquility over the mind, body, and spirit, iEDM's Lion Galaxy Muscle Tank is a great way to achieve inner peace while showing off the work you have been putting in at the gym. The all-seeing Saharan beast depicting on this top will give you wisdom to pick out the best sets for you and your crew to wiriness all weekend long. If you like the graphic, then make sure to check out the other Lion Galaxy apparel.

Check out iEDM's Lion Galaxy Muscle Tank HERE!





5) Amazed Cat Tank And Short Combo

Amazed Cat Tank And Short Combo

If you have a cat, then you know these creatures look like they are dosed 95% of the time. These felines seemed to be amazed by the littlest things, and now you can do with this lethal combo. Packed with the glimmering stars of the Milky Way, the shorts lead into a cat who is completely lost in the visuals of a mind-bending portal.

Check out iEDM's Amazed Cat Tank And Short Combo HERE!


4) Chameleon Shrooms Vortex Hoodie

Chameleon Shrooms Vortex Hoodie

The visual orientation and name of this hoodie speaks for itself. What is truly unique about this fit is the amount of realms that merge together within it. This sweatshirt is a collision of the digital world (back-and-white portal at the bottom), the animal kingdom (blue and green wavy-striped chameleon, and the psychoactive universe (lush pink mushrooms.

Check out iEDM's Chameleon Shrooms Vortex Hoodie HERE!


3) Bionic Tiger Zip-Up Hoodie

Bionic Tiger Zip-Up Hoodie

Another imperative outerwear to add to your collection is the Bionic Tiger Zip-Up Hoodie. The sublimation print used on this fit can be washed as many times as you please, and the durable zipper can zip up and down a million times without being compromised, and then some! On one side, the golden lifeforms of the tiger; on the other half, its purple bionic alter-ego, inviting deafening bass drops.

Check out iEDM's Bionic Tiger Zip-Up Hoodie HERE!


2) Enjoy The Views T-Shirt

Enjoy The Views T-Shirt

You may have seen this design and even this fit featured before in our top 10 fashion lists. That is simply because of how cool it is! Enjoy the view of the incredible animal-space hybrid stage production and jaw-dropping set at E-Zoo: Hyperspace, as you rock it in this eclectic t-shirt. Take a look at our selection of eyewear to find shades that match the cat's Matroda-esque sunglasses.

Check out iEDM's Enjoy The Views T-Shirt HERE!


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1) Cosmic Panda Bucket Hat

Cosmic Panda Bucket Hat

Taking home the trophy for Electric Zoo: Hyperspace fits is the Cosmic Panda Bucket Hat. This spectacular headwear encapsulates a riveting panda who is literally full of energy. The hat's electricity will transfer into your shuffling, headbanging, overall intensity at this legendary three-day festival. It is in company with the whole Cosmic Panda collection featuring a t-shirt and joggers combo, tank and shorts combo, long sleeves, and more!

Check out iEDM's Cosmic Panda Bucket Hat HERE!



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