10 Stunning Tapestries To Brighten Up Your Space

| November 02, 2018

Your room is your personal haven of comfort and self-expression. However, if you’ve been feeling uninspired in your space lately or want to enhance its atmosphere it may be time to redecorate.

Tapestries are an amazing way to do this especially if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on home decor. Instead of buying generic department store artwork or typical mandala tapestries why not get something truly one of a kind?

Our tapestries are designed by award winning artists and are created using sublimation print to ensure the highest detail and image quality. It is guaranteed bring your room to its full aesthetic potential all at an affordable price!

Check out some of our favorites below for inspiration:


1. Owl


This captivating owl tapestry radiates wisdom and artistry with its dynamic color scheme and intricate design. Having this mind-blowing work of art in your living space is sure to inspire endless creativity within yourself.




 2. Rainbow Land


This vibrant design features a zebra with an otherworldly colorful backdrop. It is sure to make your room stand out and impress anyone that sees it.




3. Cosmic Toybox


This tapestry showcases an astronaut illuminated by a surreal cosmic background that is simply breathtaking. It is designed by Los Angeles based artist Think Lumi whose work is featured on many of our tapestries and clothing. If you love this style you can check out more collaborations available HERE!




4. Rainbow Render


Blast off into another dimension with this one of a kind rocket launch design. The dreamy teal sky along with the fierce flames of the rocket look like something out of a Sci-fi lover’s wildest dreams!




5. Wolf Tapestry 


This majestic wolfs icy blue gaze will leave anyone who lays their eyes on it in a trance. If you are looking for something with more subdued colors that won’t clash with your other decorations then this is the ideal tapestry for you.




6. Spirit of Flowers 


Spirit of flowers represents raw beauty, unhindered growth, and transcending boundaries within ourselves. The elegant floral design is both meaningful and mesmerizing.




7. Fractal


This intergalactic design will make anyone that enters your room feel like they’re wandering through the deepest depths of outer space. The crimson and midnight blue sky enveloping the fractal pattern is something that everyone would love making it a great gift idea as well. 




8. Finest Feline 


If you’re a nature and animal lover then this is the perfect tapestry for you. The adorable kitten clearly rules the animal kingdom with its massive flower crown and smoldering eyes. This tapestry will add charm to any type of room.




9. Chai 



This is one of our more humorous tapestries which will inevitably make you smile every time you see it. It tells a story of a fluffy panda who is unwinding by smoking hookah and blowing out rainbows of smoke because he is simply that magical.




10. Heath Drome



This tapestry pays homage to one of the most talented actors of all time with its vivid details. It features an abstract portrait of Heath Ledger and his striking gaze using an array of neon colors and shapes.



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