10 Trippy Tapestries To Transform Your Festival Campsite

| April 04, 2022

When it comes to camping festivals, there is nothing more important than your campsite. For the entire festival weekend, your camp becomes your home away from home, and it is crucial to treat it as such. Not only do you need the necessities like tents, chairs, tables, and an EZ up, but you must deck out your campsite to match the vibe of your tribe. One of the best ways to do so is with iEDM’s collection of festival-ready tapestries. Not only will iEDM's tapestries provide privacy and help protect you from the sun, but they will help turn your camp from a traditional campsite to a raver’s paradise. 

Check out iEDM’s 10 Trippy Tapestries To Transform Your Festival Campsite below. 



Rainbow Triangle Tapestry

Think Lumi Rainbow Triangle Tapestry

Gaze through the prism of light and open the portal to new possibilities and worlds unknown with this dynamic design. The Rainbow Triangle Tapestry will transform your campsite into a wondrous utopia that sets the vibe just right for the late-night hang after a long day of dancing. Get lost in the serene beauty of life itself with this tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Rainbow Triangle Tapestry HERE!



Wavey Tapestry

Think Lumi Wavey Tapestry - iEDM

Surfs up! It is time to ride the sonic waves of the universe and soar through space and time. The Wavey Tapestry depicts a tripped-out astronaut standing upon an asteroid with earth in the background as a spectrum of colors wraps around him. Embrace your inner psychonaut and get wavey with this tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Wavey Tapestry HERE!



Galactic Valley Tapestry

Gratefully Dyed Galactic Valley Tapestry - iEDM

Reach deep into outer space and dance to awesome sounds with the Galactic Valley Tapestry. Designed with colorful nebulas in the backdrop of a deep dark forest, this tapestry is the perfect accessory for your campsite at any festival you hit up this summer. Set the vibe right with this tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Galactic Valley Tapestry HERE!



Mushroom Tapestry

Noctum X Truth Mushroom Head Tapestry - iEDM

This drippy tripped-out mushroom-inspired tapestry will surely turn your camp neighbors' heads. Depicting a psychedelic skull covered in shrooms while awakening through its third eye, the Mushroom Tapestry is designed to melt your mind. With vibrant pinks, blues, purples, and yellows, this tapestry will liven up any campsite. 

Grab iEDM’s Mushroom Tapestry HERE!



USA Rave Cat Tapestry

USA Rave Cat Tapestry

USA, you were born to rage. If you love cats and everything EDM, then the USA Rave Cat Tapestry is certainly for you. Designed with one cool cat decked out with all the rave essentials, this tapestry will be the talk of the campgrounds. 

Grab iEDM’s Rave Cat Tapestry HERE!



Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Tapestry

Yantrart Design Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Tapestry - iEDM

Forget traditional tie-dye. The Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Tapestry flips everything you thought you knew about tie-dye upside down and adds an electrifying flare. Light up the night with the dynamic colors of this tripped-out tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Nuclear Melt Tapestry HERE!



Gold Weed Tapestry

Sartoris Art Gold Weed Leaves Tapestry - iEDM

Combine your love for weed and your eye for the finer things with Gold Weed Tapestry. This funky green and gold tapestry is covered head to toe with trippy pot leaves to bring that stoner aesthetic to any campsite. Be bold and stay high with this tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Gold Weed Tapestry HERE!


Celestial Seascape Tapestry

Noctum X Truth Celestial Seascape Tapestry - iEDM

Dive into the cosmic ocean and turn your campsite into a celestial aquatic wonderland with this vibrant tapestry. The Celestial Seascape Tapestry displays fluorescent dolphins and fish swimming with the current of the universe as stars and nebulas illuminate the sky. You'll be floating through the campgrounds with this tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Celestial Seascape Tapestry HERE!


Delta Gate Tapestry

Glass Prism Studios Delta Gate Tapestry - iEDM

Did you know mandalas act as a symbol of the cosmos and represent the spiritual journey? Designed with intricate patterns and an awe-inspiring color pallet, the Delta Gate Tapestry depicts a mandala that will open portals to new dimensions within the self. Get lost in space and time with this psychedelic tapestry. 

Grab iEDM’s Delta Gate Tapestry HERE!


Tripfiki Tapestry

Tripfiki Tapestry

Remember Rafiki from The Lion King? He wasn’t just a silly fun-loving mandrill from one of our favorite Disney movies, but a sage with a deep connection to the spiritual realm. The Tripfiki Tapestry depicts a zened out Rafiki dissolving into the universe through mind-melting patterns of mushrooms and colors. Break on through to the other side with this nostalgic yet trippy tapestry. 


Grab iEDM's Tripfiki Tapestry HERE!



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