2016 EDC Vegas Stages

| June 06, 2016

Every year EDC Las Vegas is upping the intensity and creating exhilarating experiences for everyone participating. New details were unveiled about the upgrades for a couple of the EDC stages, just in time for the newly released lineup. The festival grounds in Las Vegas house five different stages for varying genres and unique types of aesthetic atmospheres, they’re respectively known as kineticField, NeonGARDEN, bassPOD, wasteLAND, circuitGROUNDS, and cosmicMEADOW.

EDC Las Vegas is known for its intricately decorated individual stages. Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insomniac Events, let us know a little bit of what to expect and also kept us guessing about some promised major upgrades, which he said was going to blow everyone's minds. This is the 20th anniversary after all, something where no expense will be spared, while taking the EDC experience to heights unimagined. 


One of the main stages at EDC Las Vegas is the kineticField, a stage known for having the most production value poured into it. This year it will be showcasing its large scenic elements with its massive size of 400 feet wide and by 100 feet high.

“There’s an iconic piece that’s going to be in the middle of this stage that is using technology to the fullest. And it’s not going to be turned on right when you walk in. Later in the night, we’re gonna flip the switch. All I can say is prepare yourself,” Pasquale Rotella said.

No word on what this is, but it is going to be something you don't want to miss. This isn't hyperbolic either; Pasquale and the EDC 20th anniversary mean business. Past EDC stages have been crafted to encompass a fully immersive experience. 

NeonGARDEN & bassPOD

This is no more evident in the details revealed about other stages. NeonGARDEN will be receiving new boosted ceilings all the way up to 50 feet. Smack dab in the middle of the whole enclosure is going to be an enormous disco ball grooving along to those tried and true house and techno beats.

If you’re feeling discoed out at the NeonGARDEN then the newly renovated bassPOD is going to blast you off to the stratosphere. More pyrotechnics have been added to blaze you into the elemental plane of fire, not to be outdone they’ve also added some water cannons to cool you down.

Further Upgrades 

The classic apocalyptic wasteLAND stage this year is taking the scenery of San Francisco as its new victim. The hard hitting stabs of hardstyle will feel right at home in this newly designed dance dystopia.

Not to be outdone, the circuitGROUNDS has a renovated 360-degree structure that is reportedly going to be three times larger than last year’s stage. 

The communal grass fields of the cosmicMEADOW gives a near owl-aerial view of the large stage and rest of the EDC grounds as well this year.

There’s something for every EDM genre fan with these varied stages. The artistic sights in front of you will mesh seamlessly with the music around you.


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