[INTERVIEW] Nicky Romero Sets the Stage For UMF 2024: Insight On 'All Night Long,' His Nightvision Performance, & More

Nicky Romero Interview, Ultra Miami 2024
| April 19, 2024

As global superstar Nicky Romero gears up for his headlining performance at Ultra Music Festival 2024, we had the pleasure of chatting with him about his recent projects and promising road ahead. Join us as Nicky breaks down his latest hits, like “All Night Long,” highlights from his Nightvision show at Amsterdam's AFAS Live, and more!

Check out our exclusive interview with Nicky Romero below. 


iEDM: Your upcoming performance on Ultra Music Festival's mainstage is highly anticipated! Can you offer any insights into what fans can expect from your set this year? How do you cater your set to such a diverse crowd, from all over the world?

Nicky Romero: We aim to capture, curate, and compile all my performances at Ultra into a vibrant and enticing setlist. This compilation will seamlessly blend classic tunes with my latest beats straight from the studio, infusing the set with a dynamic energy.

Additionally, there's the exciting possibility of featuring live artists on stage, adding another layer of excitement to the performance. 


iEDM: Your 2023 anthem “Desire” with TELYKAST and Linney has topped Sirius XM's BPM charts for three consecutive weeks now. What do you think sets this track apart and resonates so strongly with listeners?

Nicky Romero: We tried to blend my heavier Nightvision sound with a beautiful song received from Linney and the TELYKAST boys. Through extensive experimentation with production techniques, we crafted a final product that satisfied everyone involved, especially for live performances. 

However, what took us by surprise was the overwhelmingly positive response the track received from the listeners of BPM and US radio!

iEDM: Your solo show ‘Nightvision’ at Amsterdam's AFAS Live was a massive success. What emotions were running through your head when performing “I Could Be The One,” your single with the legendary Avicii? Can you share any other standout moments or surprises from that unforgettable night?

Nicky Romero: For me, the entire night was incredibly meaningful. Collaborating with our dedicated team and partners, we seamlessly blended a high-end technical showcase with live performances, where I had the privilege of playing drums, synthesizer, and grand piano alongside talented live artists. 

It was an unforgettable experience, one that resonated deeply with me on a personal level. The culmination of the night, our tribute to Avicii through “I Could Be The One” accompanied by a phenomenal gospel choir, remains a cherished moment that I hold dear to my heart.


iEDM: What were your personal highlights from collaborating with Deniz Koyu and Jaimes on “Tomorrow Comes”?

Nicky Romero: Reviving the essence of progressive music, coupled with the exceptional vocals of Jaimes, was a highlight for me. Sharing this track live during 'Nightvision' amplified the experience even further, adding a layer of excitement and energy to the performance.

iEDM: How did you and Deniz balance your signature production styles in this track? Are there any sonic elements that are easy to identify as Nicky Romero and vice-versa?

Nicky Romero: We are both recognized for our intricate and emotive lead melodies. Crafting and perfecting these melodies is a labor of love, as we dedicate considerable time and effort to shaping every nuance of the song.


iEDM: “All Night Long” is a feel-good house anthem that strays from the vibe and sound of a lot of your previous tracks. What inspired this tune and venturing outside of big room dance and techno for it?

Nicky Romero: Already released house-infused track titled “So Much Love” with Almero. Building on those vibes, we embarked on a fruitful writing camp at the studios to craft this latest song. The entire production process flowed organically, resulting in a seamless fusion of creativity and musicality.

iEDM: Does “All Night Long” trigger any memories you have or certain feelings? What scene or setting do you picture in your mind while listening to this track?

Nicky Romero: Cruising in your convertible toward the beach—that's the exact feeling I experience when I play or hear the track! :)


iEDM: Who is an artist that you would love to work with for the first time ever this year, and why? Are there any new genres or sounds you are looking to experiment with?

Nicky Romero: My ultimate dream is to collaborate with Chris Martin; he is undeniably a musical genius! Witnessing his live performance in Amsterdam last year was truly inspiring; he is a unique and exceptional artist.

Additionally, I'm eager to delve deeper into incorporating live elements such as guitar, piano, or drums into my tracks, as I believe it adds a whole new dimension to the music-making process.


iEDM: Whether in or outside your musical project, what are your main goals to accomplish by the end of 2024? How do you plan on achieving them? 

Nicky Romero: I am eager to craft a collection of records that weave together to tell a cohesive and captivating story, culminating in a larger narrative. On top of that, achieving a harmonious balance between studio work, touring commitments, and my personal life is a key aspiration for me. 

Reflecting on the beginning of 2024, I am excited to continue building upon this foundation and striving towards even greater achievements in the future.




Photo courtesy of Kevin Anthony Canales and Nicky Romero.


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