From SciFi to the Dance Floor: Steampunk Rave Fashion

| July 31, 2015

Just by taking a look at the clothes and accessories people wear at raves, you can see influences from various corners of the pop culture world. Even through the rave clothes found here on, you can find references from things like emojis, all the way to Dragon Ball Z rave gear. One good browse of our rave clothes and rave accessories, you’ll find one influence that’s more dominating than the other: steampunk.

Steampunk has been around for decades but it was officially introduced to the world in the 1980s. Known also as neo-Victorian, steampunk sees a combination of Victorian era England, the American Wild West, and steam powered machinery circa the Industrial Revolution. Much of the fiction behind steampunk, as with many science fiction and fantasy stories, is based upon a post-apocalyptic world.  Filled with retro-futuristic technology, steampunk is rooted in the era’s culture, architecture, and most importantly fashion.

A genre with such infinite possibilities is bound to appeal to rave fashion followers, who love their outfits to push the limits.

Since Fantasy and EDM culture have gone hand and hand for years so it is no wonder why steampunk has joined the fray. Combining mixtures of different time periods’ fashion styles, many people in steampunk attire find influence from the looks of lords, countesses, harlots, burlesque, Lolita, and more.  You can find traces of this influence in some of the hottest rave outfits iEDM has to offer.

One of the most prominent Steampunk styles you’ll spot at a rave are the cool eyewear accessories. Goggles were always a staple of steampunk, and now is adding rave fashion to its demographics. While enjoying a show or festival, members of the EDM fam will sport some goggles to enhance their experience visually. If it gets too hot they’re easy to simply place top of the head rather than the eyes themselves, letting you keep cool while still looking cool and making them an extremely dynamic rave accessory. Not to mention the diffraction goggles that light up every room you walk into.

Those who live the EDM lifestyle have built a no judgement community that allows such a mash-up of cultures. The separate niche markets of Steampunk and PLUR have combined and the popularity of the two are steadily picking up—pun intended—steam. Steampunk finding its way all over iEDM - the premiere site for all things rave fashion is testament to that fact. Suspenders, the aforementioned goggles, and more from iEDM help steampunk find its way out of science fiction and into the reality of raves - creating amazing rave outfits for any festival season. In addition, much of the jewelry available for EDM lovers have begun to incorporate the brass and gears associated with the steampunk subgenre. 

Steampunk - a subgenre embedded both in the past and the future - is not going anywhere. Its influence will continue to spread across every genre. With the beginnings of an influence in the fashion world from the likes of Christian Dior, steampunk will continue to grow and will continue to grow in the EDM world. So be sure to buy your rave goggles ASAP from iEDM and be among the first to wear your steampunk rave fashion proudly.

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