5 DJs We Would Love To Have As Best Friends

5 DJ's We Would Love To Have As Best Friends
| October 13, 2016

Best friends are basically the family that we choose ourselves, and we cherish these life-long besties of ours forever. There truly is nothing like finding your partner in crime and the PB to your Jelly.

In our beloved dance music community, one of the great things is that we feel connected to our favorite artists and, thanks to social media, are able to interact with them and really get to know them and how they are. A lot of our favorite DJs have very out-there personalities, and we can't help but think of what it would be like to have these guys as best friends.

So on that note, we've decided to choose 5 artists, all with their own unique personalities and quirky traits, that we would love to have as our BFFs.


1) Justin Martin

Justin is that friend that you're always gonna find yourself ending up doing the most random, crazy shit with- and in case you're unable to recall your crazy nights together, not to worry; J-Mart will be snapchatting the debauchery the entire time.

All Dirtybird players know how to get weird and get down, but Justin is the king of it. Plus, he'll always be down to either bring you pizza or get pizza with you. Anyone who loves pizza as much as you do = immediately best friends. Such a keeper!


2) Dillon Francis

Dubbed as the king of Snapchat, Dillon Francis is probably the funniest human that has ever walked this planet. I mean, it's a no-brainer that we all love him, and having Dilly as a roommate/BFF would be the experience of a lifetime.

While you're fast asleep at 3AM and get abruptly woken up in the middle of the night due to strange noises coming from your kitchen, you'll be reassured to know that it is, in fact, not a burglar, but just your old pal Dilly playing with his piñata (son? lover?) Gerald, or inflating a mass amount of pool floaties for no apparent reason. But hey, he'll always keep you entertained and make you laugh, despite the fact that he may or may not end up leaking your phone number on the mainstage at Ultra for thousands of people to see- just another causal day with Dill!


3) Deadmau5

There's nothing worse than those people who don't tell you that you have something stuck in between your teeth and just let you walk around like that. Where are the honest people? Would you rather us just walk around looking like FOOLS?

Bottom line, we all need that one almost shamelessly honest friend in our lives, and Deadmau5 is not only a dance music legend and the king of trolling, but is someone that we would love to have in our lives as a BFF. Mau5 will not hold back in dishing out the straight-up honest truth with you, as well as stand up for you and what's right.


4) Rezz

Rezz by far has one of the best internet presences of anyone I've ever seen and overall, is just my favorite human of all time. I honestly feel like I relate to her and the daily things she tweets on a spiritual level, and the things that we all secretly find weirdly funny- she finds weirdly funny too.

She's like that cool older sister that all your friends would low key come over for the purpose of hanging out with her and basking in her awesomeness. She'd be that super chill best friend that would always be down to do things with you, and that you can send your embarrassing snapchats to.


5) Ookay

Periscoping his casual Target runs, putting up embarrassing pictures of himself and messing with the internet world with his A1 sarcasm, Ookay is a funny guy- point blank.

He's super interactive with his followers and really does not hold back when tweeting, whether it's really nice, heartfelt things, or random, strange things. Ookay is that guy that's friends with everyone and is loved by all- just look at the bromances that he has with guys like Jauz, Yultron, Kayzo, Dotcom and more.

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