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6 Radio Shows You Should Keep Up With

6 Radio Shows You Should Keep Up With
| October 05, 2016

As Fall begins and we start getting back into our daily grooves of work or school, we begin implementing certain things into our daily routines. But one thing is for sure- that no matter what we do, we need to set aside a solid amount of time for discovering new music.

We all take pride and joy in those nights where we sit for hours upon hours just diving deep into the musical realms of Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube, and sit back happily as we look upon the musical gems we've come across. But one of the best ways to discover new music, especially on-the-go, is by listening to radio shows, weekly guest mixes, and podcasts hosted by some of our favorite artists and brands.

You would be surprised to discover how many there actually are, some of them including Hardwell On Air and from BBC Radio 1, Diplo & Friends, Annie Mac as well as Pete Tong- and it's super exciting because radio shows are something we can always depend on and look forward to on a weekly basis.

So here are six radio shows that we think you guys definitely have to keep up with and subscribe to:


1) iEDM Radio - iEDM.com - Sundays @ 8:30PM EST

Yup, you heard that right! If you didn't know, then now you know that we at iEDM have our very own weekly radio show.

Our goal with iEDM Radio is to expose you guys to as much new music as possible and give you fresh content from your favorite artists, which is why we invite some of the most diverse artists in the game, both well-known and upcoming- including but not limited to 3LAU, Terravita, KANDY, Blasterjaxx, Doctor P and over 100 others, to feature a guest mix exclusively for us.

And we release them every Sunday night just so that we make sure you have a good start to the rest of your week. No need to thank us, we just love you guys that much.



2) Anna Lunoe Presents HYPERHOUSE - Beats 1, Apple Music - Friday @ 12AM EST | 9PM (PST)

This gorgeous Aussie is well-known for her funky beats and energetic stage presence, and she incorporates those two elements every Friday night into her HYPERHOUSE radio shows.

After making history as the first solo woman to play the EDCLV mainstage this past year and the massive success of her HYPERHOUSE tour (another one about to take place), it was only a matter of time until lil' Luney had to get a whole 2 hours to herself on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio. Being super diverse in sound, Anna mixes things up every week by inviting some pals to be guest selects on the show, including but not limited to Jauz, Destructo, Dillon Francis and more.



3) Claude Vonstroke Presents The Birdhouse - iTunes - Every Thursday Night

Every Thursday night, all us Dirtybirds from near and far all unite together once we hear the infamous opening line of boss man Claude Vonstroke's specially curated 'The Birdhouse' radio show. *Welcome to the birdhouuuuuuse.* Hearing this line spoken from the easily distinguishable cute little child's voice automatically evokes excitement, because it's like our mating call.

Available on iTunes and MixCloud, the Birdhouse radio show podcast is jam-packed with the freshest, quirkiest, bounciest of Dirtybird tunes that we all know and love. Each show invites guests like Sacha Robotti, Justin Martin, Catz N Dogz and more, and features the spotlight on a few unique, genre-defying tracks in each mix that are labeled under categories like "Jurastic Classic," "Bass In Your Face," and "Peanut Butter and Funk-enberry Jam Of The Week."



4) NEST HQ MiniMix - SoundCloud - Every Thursday

Skrillex's NEST HQ brand is known its edge and uniqueness, emphasizing heavily on music and culture. Some of the biggest names in the game had their careers skyrocket after throwing down a NEST HQ MiniMix. Having a NEST HQ guest mix under your belt as a DJ and producer (both well-known and especially upcoming) is staple, as well as a huge honor, because you join over a hundred of the most carefully, hand-picked genre-defying artists that exist in the world of electronic music.

Artists ranging from AC Slater to Jai Wolf to Shawn Wasabi and Getter are only some of the many artists that were featured, and these mixes are a great way to discover upcoming artists, new sounds and join the movement, so make sure you hit that NEST HQ follow button on SoundCloud for these weekly mixes to make regular appearances on your dashboard.



5) Adam Beyer Presents Drumcode Radio - iTunes Or SoundCloud - Weekly

At one point during the week, it's essential that we need a solid dose of techno- so who better to deliver than the boss of Drumcode, Adam Beyer.

Whether each mix features a live set recording from festivals and shows all over the world or from a techno titan like Alan Fitzpatrick or Ida Engberg, Drumcode Radio will provide you with the hardest-hitting, deepest, soul-feeding techno tunes. All you have to do is hit that subscribe button on iTunes, and hundreds upon hundreds of DCR podcast episodes will bless your phone for your listening pleasure.



6) Above & Beyond Presents Group Therapy - iTunes, MixCloud, SoundCloud - Thursday/Friday

We all need a lil' therapy in our lives at one point, and by therapy, I mean some Group Therapy. Seeing London-based trio Above & Beyond live is one of the most spiritual, emotion-evoking experience one can ever have, but unfortunately not everyone is able to see them live. That's where Group Therapy Radio saves the day.

Bringing you up to two whole hours of the most uplifting, euphoric, emotional trance, a Group Therapy episode will soothe your soul and melt away all the stress you may experience throughout your daily routine. Since this is Group Therapy after all and is gonna have to be a group effort, A&B invites some Anjunabeats all-stars such as Genix, Andrew Bayer and Yotto every week on to the show to feature a guest mix.


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