Top 10 Cyber Monday Gifts

| November 20, 2015


Holiday season is in full swing! Tis' the season of festive lights, enjoying the sweet scent of evergreen trees, indulging in sweet yummy hot cocoa and of course racking up on all of the sweet Christmas holiday deals! iEDM's Cyber Day Sale is currently on, buy whatever your heart desires with the click of your mouse before it's all sold out!  Check out the top 10 gifts Cyber Day gifts!

10. Lush Galaxy Hoodie

Lush Galaxy

Become one with the universe this holiday season with this out of the world hoodie. Get lost in time and space and become one with the universe! Stars and galaxies will sparkle across your body in this beautiful pullover hoodie. Get yours now, before they're all sold out! Check out more iEDM gear here 


9. Unicorn Spew Hoodie

Unicorn Spew

Get down right colorful with this insanely colorful unicorn hoodie! You'll light up the room with the vibrate splashes of rainbow spewing all over your chest! Designed with bold splashes of rainbow perfect for the cooler months to feel cozy and look amazing in. Check out more iEDM gear here


8. King of Lions Hoodie

King of Lions

Show 'em who's king of the jungle in this awesome King of Lions Hoodie. A perfect holiday gift to casually wear out or show off at your fave winter EDM show. This sick 3D like hoodie will keep you both warm and fierce. Check out more iEDM gear here


7. Cat Trooper Sweatshirt

Cat Trooper

May the force be with you in this amazing cosmic Cat Trooper sweatshirt. Wear the universe on your chest with a cute feline trooper guarding your Galactic Empire. Beautiful swirls of blue, green, pink and purple hue designs will have you looking out of this world! Check out more iEDM gear here


6. Black Magic Unicorn Hood

Black Magic Unicorn Hood

Complete your rave unicorn look with this cute furry black unicorn faux fur hood. With the cooler months upon us, look cute and keep warm with this ultra comfy and cozy faux fur hoodie. Pair it with matching black iEDM wear or create your own look!  Currently on sale, get yours before they're all sold out! Check out more iEDM gear here


5. Heart of the Universe Duvet Cover

Heart of the Universe

Forget sleeping under the stars, you'll be swept away into the universe every night with this beautiful Heart of the Universe duvet cover. Imagine being immersed into the cosmos in this dreamy duvet cover filled with beautiful blue and pink hues. Check out more iEDM gear here


4. Custom DJ JOG Sound Reactive Mask

Custom DJ JOG Sound Reactive Mask

This sick jogging mask will be the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season! You'll become the life of the party or festival when you wear this awesome jogging mask by HUBOPTIC. This LED mask will match the beat of the'll no longer need gloves to put on a lightshow after you get this! Check out more iEDM gear here


3. Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles

Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles

You'll definitely stand out at your next rave or festival with these unique hard hitting goggles! Not only are these diffraction goggles but they're also adorned with awesome silver spikes! What better way to add to your crazy wild night then to snag a pair of these goggles! Get them during the cyber day sale before they're all sold out! Check out more iEDM gear here


2. Kaleidoscope Goggles

Kaleidoscope Goggles

Are you ready to see the world like you've never seen it before!? As soon as you put these goggles on you'll be questioning why you didn't buy these goggles sooner! These kaleidoscope googles will have you transported to a whole new reality filled with multidimensional rainbow prisms. Made with high quality glass crystals that block out all exterior light, these goggles will for sure enhance your experience at your latest rave or festival! Check out more iEDM gear here


1. X Ray Duvet Cover

X Ray Duvet Cover

The number one cyber day gift of the year is...the X Ray Duvet Cover! Stay warm and cozy under the sheets in this rad duvet bed cover by Rage On. Puff, puff and pass this awesome duvet bed cover as a gift for your bestie or heck...even for yourself! Warning: You might not be able to sleep without admiring the sick x ray design of the bedspread! Check out more iEDM gear here


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