Abir Proves To Have Her "Finest Hour" In iEDM Interview

| September 28, 2018

Abir has killer vocals, and some serious style to boot. The 23-year-old singer proves that on Cash Cash's "Finest Hour," which is one of iEDM's favorite EDM tracks of the year.

Abir made a surprise appearance during Cash Cash's highly ranked Electric Zoo set. Also known for songs "Young & Rude," "Way Out," and "GIRLS," her fierce singing is quickly resonating with a generation looking for a strong, independent voice. 

Before she owned the main stage earlier this month, Abir sat down with iEDM in an exclusive interview to discuss her background, working with Cash Cash, and what fans can expect as she continues to grow as a performer.



iEDM: Thanks for sitting down with us, Abir. I want to jump right in and talk about your upbringing, and how you made your big transition to the music industry. New York City, and its crowd, is what I know. I would love to hear about your childhood and when you realized that a path in music was your way to go.

Abir: I moved to the US when I was 6. I was raised in Virginia. In Virginia, I was doing things like county fairs, and talent shows. It was a hobby. Then, I started really, really singing because of my dad, who owned a limousine company. They played jazz music, classical music. For the most part, in my dad's car, it was jazz and soul. I would mimic everything that was playing. I was mimicking it until eventually, I found my own voice. It was a hobby until I graduated college.

iEDM: Really?

Abir: Yeah! I moved up here. I always knew I wanted to be a singer. My parents were like, "You're going to school, and you're getting a degree." 

iEDM: What degree did you wind up getting?

Abir: I majored in Communications.

iEDM: I was a Media Studies major.

Abir: Dope! I also majored in Business, too.

iEDM: Awesome. I wish I could say the same. Respect.

Abir: After I did that, my parents said, "Alright. You're free to go. Spread your wings."

iEDM: So they embraced what you wanted to do?

Abir: Exactly.

iEDM: Jumping off of that, were there particular artists that you would listen to in your dad's car that stuck with you?

Abir: Absolutely! Etta James was one of my favorites growing up...even now. She sings with such emotion. Her storytelling is impeccable. That's where I got ideas on how to write, and things like that.

iEDM: That's amazing. I talk to a lot of singers who transition into the electronic dance music scene. I know the scratching and clawing that goes into it to find your voice. How did you find your way into this crazy world?

Abir: In the last 5 or 6 years, it's been so much easier to get your music directly to people. For the most part, we were putting out music on SoundCloud, and eventually got to Spotify, and then iTunes. I was putting 2 or 3 records out. I think, after a while, I started to network and meet people. That's how I met Cash Cash. They heard a song of mine that was on Macklemore's album. They were like, "Yo! We dig this girl." They hit me up and that's how "Finest Hour" came about.

iEDM: That's so crazy. I love the song, and the music video, too. I'm always a fan when a music video has a concept behind it. I have a feeling that in 2019, a lot more people are going to know who you are. What are some personal goals on your end? You are establishing your sound, and important voice in the industry. What would you like people to know about you?

Abir: I love writing music. I love sharing what I think about. I put out music in the past two years, but it's only been a song or 2 a year. One of my personal goals is to get more music out. At the end of this year, I'm releasing a single and then dropping a project in October. Finally, I can get some music out that I've been working on!

iEDM: I'm a believer in the motto, "Good things take time." Especially, when you put the work into it. Everyone has their process.

Abir: It took awhile, but we are here now, haha.

iEDM: It's cool! This is a fun question for you, because we love stylish, and fashionable people here at iEDM. You seem to really have it together! What are a couple of things that you like to wear when you perform on stage?

Abir: I'm all about bold, loud colors. I love neon. I love metallics, and anything that will really translate on stage. I pretty much never wear black on stage. Ever.

iEDM: You're doing it correctly. I was going through YouTube comments earlier, and so many people were writing things like, "Yo! You better not be sleeping on Abir. She's about to blow up!"  For the people who have been following your career, what do you want to say to them? This is your chance to show them some love.

Abir: Seriously, I am so thankful to the fans who have supported me in the last 3 years. I've only put out a song or 2, so for them to still be there and be hyped for the next ones--thank you. And thank you to all the new ones too from Cash Cash, and the record. It's a really exciting time for everything.

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The photographs seen in this article were graciously provided by Lauren Johnson. You can see more of Lauren's work HERE.

You can follow Abir on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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