Alesso Talks Diet, Fortnite & Why He Wants To Work With Post Malone In iEDM Interview

| September 20, 2018

When iEDM revealed our top 5 sets from Electric Zoo this year, fans all over the world furiously requested that we sit down and pick the brain of the DJ that made No. 1 on our list.

Brace yourselves, because iEDM is taking you behind-the-scenes with a special interview featuring 10:22 pm's latest signee, Alesso.

Alesso is an artist in every sense of the word. He pushes himself every day to create groundbreaking music that brings joy to millions of people all over the world. Able to transcend the genre of EDM and carving out his name into pop culture, the 27-year old Swedish producer is a festival headliner wherever he goes. He crushed it at Electric Zoo's big anniversary, and is currently celebrating the success of his latest, unique music video for "Remedy." 

Relive the magic of E-Zoo this year as iEDM proudly brings to you our exclusive interview with Alesso. He discussed his healthy eating habits, why he wants to work with Post Malone, and potentially dealing with internet trolls while he plays Fortnite.


iEDM: I don't know how you do it, man. You were awake, way early in the morning doing Good Morning America. It's a whole different kind of crowd. How are you feeling after your performance? 

Alesso: Okay, actually. I don't know how I do it--I just do it. Trying to prepare, you know? Sleep, really. Sleep, along with your diet; what you eat. It's ironic I say that, because in the last three or four days, I have been eating really, really healthy. Now, I just had a grilled cheese.

iEDM: That's more up my alley.

Alesso: I think I deserved it, after this. It's been a long morning.

iEDM: Totally. You are a trooper. Speaking of diets, I usually do a program called Whole 30 once every year. You cut out unnatural sugars, and all of that garbage. I almost feel like a health practitioner here. Are there certain things that you eat, and don't eat, to stay in tip-top shape?

Alesso: I stay away from gluten, dairy, and any form of sugar. I'm even careful with fruit. A bunch of water. I love coffee, and coffee's not bad for you. I try to stay awat from unnecessary carbs, really. I don't have that much time to workout. I know people say, "Well, you make time." Well, fuck you. Go to the studio and try working out. Ya know? I try to find the balance of these things that make me have this lifestyle and not burn out.

iEDM: You make it look easy, and I know it's the farthest thing from it. I know you just kind of joked around about making time. When you do wind up having a couple of free seconds, what do you like to do when you have a day off?

Alesso: I love hanging out with my friends. My friends, and my family. We do simple stuff. Everything from going to dinner, to going out, to doing some kind of activity. It's great to spend time with people. 

iEDM: That's what it's about because you never know. I'm always grateful for my family and friends. I know on Good Morning America, the interviewer asked about people you'd like to work with. You mentioned Post Malone. I know you mashed-up Post Malone before. Is there a reason why his name came up first as opposed to others?

Alesso: First off, I think his voice and songwriting is really fucking great. He's just an amazing artist. He just has "it." I actually started to get to know him, not that long ago through his manager. We all got along really well. For me, obviously, there's a lot of people that I want to collaborate with. When you get to know somebody, and hit it off, it makes it more fun.

iEDM: That's awesome. I guess we should keep our eyes and ears open for something cool between you two in the near future?

Alesso: Hopefully.

iEDM: That's what's up. I do want to talk about E-Zoo. That's why we are all here. It's a big anniversary of the festival. It's gigantic. I've been going for the past five years now. I have seen the evolution of the festival; from the people who attend to the people who put it all together. To be honest, it was your music that got me into the scene. I cover all kinds of aspects in the entertainment world. It was your music, in particular, that got me into the electronic space, so I want to thank you, for what you do.

Alesso: Oh, shit. Wow. Thank you.

iEDM: In my opinion, you are the headliner this year. Others can say you are a co-headliner, whatever. You're the man. How do you feel, taking the stage on Sunday, having this amazing spot on the lineup? 

Alesso: Oh man. It's always so nice to be able to be offered to come back. When you say it's been 10 years...I can't believe that it's been 10 years of that already. It just feels great. I love being in the city. That venue is incredible- Randall's Island.

iEDM: Yep.

Alesso: The crowd here in New York is unbeatable. There is so much love here for this kind of music. I think Sunday is like the last day for people to really go nuts. 'Cause Labor Day is considered by a lot of people the end of summer. It's going to be great fun. I have a lot of my friends in town. It's going to be a great night.

iEDM: I think it's going to be a celebration; filled with good people and good vibes.

Alesso: For sure. 

iEDM: So I just found out your schedule, and it blows my mind. I hear you are flying into Vegas.

Alesso: I fly into Vegas today.

iEDM: Oh my God.

Alesso: In three or four hours.

iEDM: This makes everything even nuttier. Vegas brings out a unique crowd. I was there, covering EDC this year. What's the difference between playing in front of a New York crowd, and a party crowd out in Vegas?

Alesso: It's a huge difference. Vegas is like a tourist crowd. Not in a bad way. People just come from everywhere, and they see your name. They go, "Holy shit. We should check out this DJ." You know what I mean?

iEDM: I got you.

Alesso: It's fun. It's all good. Here, in New York, people are more dedicated to the scene. They actually check your music out. They are actually fans. There's fans in Vegas, too. Don't get me wrong. I've seen so many people bring signs, t-shirts, and everything. I think it's more casual in Vegas. People are more dedicated here. People are more picky.

iEDM: Ain't that the truth.

Alesso: People decide who they want to see. New Yorkers don't make a decision based on a venue. They support the music, and are passionate about it.

iEDM: Speaking as a New Yorker, the passion runs through our veins. That much is for sure. I do want to talk about the new music video for "Remedy" that debuted a few hours ago.

Alesso: It has about half a million views in less than three hours.

iEDM: It's crazy to look at numbers like that.

Alesso: It's so funny. People always ask me, "How many views do you think you are going to get?" I think a couple of hundred thousand of views a day would be amazing. Now, this is happening.

iEDM: The video is taking off, and there's good reason for it. I really liked the concept behind it. I think it promotes inclusion.

Alesso: You know, name a music video that hasn't been made. We have pretty much seen every kind of music video. With this music video, I worked with my friend, Rudy Mancuso. We are on the same team. He presented me this idea. He showed me one of his recent ones, and I went, "This is one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen." Rudy said, "I directed it." I'm like, "Get the fuck out." He went, "Yeah!" I asked him if he ever had an idea or something like that which he could show me. He told me, "It's funny you say that because I already have an idea for your song." He presented it to me. After that video, he had my full trust and I knew he was going to kill it. He shot the music video in four days out in LA. He then flew all the way to Sweden to film me. I was on a tour in Europe so I couldn't come to the states. He came to me, shot the music video in one day. He edited for two days in a row in my apartment. I was watching him do it. He was explaining to me how he should cut it, and I was just blown away. I think he really captured an iconic music video. You'll remember it. 

iEDM: There's such a particular look of the alien, and the child.

Alesso: It's also about what it represents.

iEDM: Right.

Alesso: It represents how we all feel different. It's a metaphor, really. I want everyone, and people of all ages, to relate to that. Rudy crushed it.

iEDM: It's a great video, and I'm sure more people are going to watch it as the days go on.

Alesso: My brother cried to it. Someone else in this room cried to it, too.

iEDM: Wow. I'm taking a look around. It could be anyone. I'm a bit of a crier too, so I'm just putting that out there.

Alesso: We succeeded in capturing that emotion. It's really hard. As I said, you've seen everything these days. 

iEDM: It's a fast paced world, where everyone is moving around, constantly. Jumping off of that, I've always been fascinated by the electronic culture. I was having a discussion about this the other day, and I find that the community is very open and welcoming to everyone. Why is that the case?

Alesso: Dance music?

iEDM: Yeah.

Alesso: Not online though!

iEDM: Hahaha.

Alesso: Everyone is, but online I think they can be mean. I'm only saying this because I want them to stop being that way. Everyone is different. Everyone should be welcomed into dance music. I think, online in general, people get mean. I shouldn't address them.

iEDM: I know what you're saying. I try to avoid the comments section. Even the toughest guys can get triggered.

Alesso: I think it's the internet in general. I play video games. I play Fortnite. People ask me, "Oh, aren't you going to stream?" I'm like, "Maybe." I played with a pro the other day. He told me, "You should really think about if you want to stream." I asked him why. He said, "People online aren't that nice. They all think they are experts. They will all judge you." So internet--be nicer. Spread positivity. 

iEDM: There's enough negativity out there. Kindness really does go a long way. 

Alesso: I can do a whole interview on internet trolls and just address them. I'd say, "Yo. Why are you spreading hate? Write something nice!"

iEDM: It's all about love. You made a big jump. There's going to be a lot more music headed our way. For you, why was this the right time to make this transition?

Alesso: 'Cause I started working with a new team. Shots Studios. Together, we were discussing what my next move was going to be, and how to keep the Alesso sound while figuring out the next chapter for me. This doesn't happen in a day. Now, we--I'm saying we because I feel like I'm doing this with my team. We have a lot of new songs that are very melodic and emotional. I also have another side that captures stuff I used to do; rave and club music that I think should be put out there. I'm going to release acid house.

iEDM: That's major. I can't wait to hear it. For fans who will be following this new chapter of yours, the floor is all yours to address the people who love and respect you.

Alesso: I just want to say that "Remedy" is the first single this year. We will be releasing rave songs, other collaborations. I have another song with OneRepublic that will be kind of nostalgic. I feel like I really found my next sound. My Alesso journey, or whatever you want to call it. I'm on a really good path right now. I'm happy, and I hope everyone can enjoy the new music.

iEDM: We are all happy for you. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us in private, Alesso. One last question before we let you go. I like to rock festival gear. Festivals bring out all kinds of characters. In your experience, what's the craziest thing you've seen in a festival atmosphere?

Alesso: I've seen a lot of crazy shit. I've seen everything from people saying that I'm better than any drug they've taken to people actually taking a shit on the floor. I've seen everything.

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The banner and last photograph was graciously provided by Lauren Johnson. You can see more of Lauren's work HERE. The first article shot of Alesso was provided by Kevin Jackson Jr. You can see more of Kevin's work HERE.

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