BIJOU Talks Passion for Fashion & Sports On iEDM Interview

| June 03, 2019

G-house Phoenix producer BIJOU dropped a hype and groovy set at the StereoBLOOM stage day 1 of EDC.

BIJOU premiered collaborations during his set such as tracks with Dr. Fresch and Party Favor and also brought out his special guest and soulful vocalist Kaleena to play their song "Count On Me."

iEDM had the opportunity to sit and chat with BIJOU and get a closer look of facts you may not know about this G House DJ already. If you missed BIJOU at EDC LV, make sure to keep a lookout for his fall tour dates coming soon. This is how it went down with the busy bee last weekend at EDC Las Vegas. 


iEDM: Hey Ben! Thanks for linking up with me. Super dope set! We can start off talking about your set. 

BIJOU: The sets were dope this first one was crazy. Crowd doubled within like 20 mins. Bringing out Kaleena is always fun. The second set is more underground so that should be fun. Going to be playing a more underground set  - stuff from Eli Brown, myself, Green Velvet. Should be really fun.

iEDM: So you have a long weekend coming up you had tonight's set, Corona Beach club set tomorrow, Liquid pool Sunday, the Dim Mak pool party on Monday. So how are you getting ready for all that. Are they going to be different?

BIJOU: The one on Monday would probably be similar to today. I'll play some stuff that I released and will be releasing on Dim Mak. The one Sunday would be more a journey type set. I'll play some new stuff I have as well.

iEDM: What's has been your favorite EDC to play thus far and what's your favorite place to play? Different countries or states?

BIJOU: Awwww thats a tough one but I would have to say my hometown. My friends and family always come out and even my baseball coach from Jr. College came out to my last show.

iEDM: Woah did you play baseball your entire life?

BIJOU: I did, I played as a kid, high school, some of college, and some professional league. But then I got hurt so I just spent all my time on music onward. I started doing music in 2010 when I was a promoter in Phoenix handing out flyers and now the man I used to work for who put on Phoenix shows is my now manager. Crazy how things go in full circle.

iEDM: You played a lot of Daniels shows in AZ?

BIJOU: I remember 911 masssiv - yeah I played bunch of Daniel's Parties. I used to play more trance music. Cold Blue, Paul Van Dyke.

iEDM: Are we going to hear a trance track from you ? 

BIJOU: I never made trance only DJ'd It. I can make a g house track with a rolling bass and speed it to 134BPM and call it trance.

iEDM: Good to know maybe ill make a dubstep track speed to 134 and call it trance 

BIJOU: Yeah I would definitely listen to it!

iEDM: Do you have any passions outside of dance music ?

BIJOU: Fashion is one !

iEDM: I've actually noticed that from your Beyond Wonderland outfit. Super out there ! And also thought your instagram photos.

BIJOU: This is actually costumed made by my girlfriend, hand sowed. We picked out the fabric together and she put it together. We got it stamped by my homie.  I really fuck with sports and I like to read and cook.

iEDM: Do you think you've gotten more in depth about cooking since going vegan?

BIJOU: Absolutely ! You really have to be aware of what you're cooking with and do your research. But it does become a lot of fun!

iEDM: What's your favorite dish?

BIJOU: Yo I make some fire vegan enchiladas

iEDM: I gotta come through 

BIJOU: Of course when you're in AZ !

IEDM: Kinda going back to fashion. What are your favorite brands?

BIJOU: I like wearing Versace, G-star, Sax off Fifth. I'm more into high in stuff.  My passion came from my  older brother who was a fashion model.

IEDM: Makes sense on why you look fresh all the time. What can your friends expect from you in the near future?

BIJOU: My fall tour is going revolve around the track I have with Tyler Graves. A lot go my music coming out is going to have a lot of rap features as well music with Kaleena.

IEDM: Dope excited to hear !

BIJOU: Yeah, I'll send them to you.








To listen to the full interview, click HERE!


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