Top 10 Totems From EDC Las Vegas 2019

| May 24, 2019

EDC 2019 has come to attend, but the memories will last a lifetime. Dancing under the Electric Sky with your best friends is the ultimate rave experience. The fireworks show on Sunday brought tears to your eyes as you take in the feelings of the weekend. 

One of the best parts about EDC is that you curate your own experience and add to this interactive event. EDC's mantra is that YOU are the headliner. From your rave outfit to your kandi you made to share, you are part of the experience and what makes the festival so unique. 

One of our favorite ways that headliners add to the ambiance is with their creative totems that they put hours into making. You can tell the dedication and hard work that goes into creating each totem. Every one is a little different and every one has a creator that made it happen. Totems are a great way to find your friends and be a part of the festival. 

Here are iEDM's top 10 favorite totems for EDC 2019! 


10. Wide Eyed Stewie 

Family Guy totems are always a hit and this wide eyed Stewie is hilarious. This is Stewie, post-EDC at his hotel room not being able to sleep.



8. 20 Sided Dice 

This 20 sided dice had all the gamers coming up to him all weekend and he had gamer themed kandi ready to go for them. We found him in the Pixel Forest which was a gaming themed area of the festival. 



7. Trippy Pika 

This totem is a hilarious Pikachu themed totem that says "EDC Had Me Like" with an adorable awe-struck face. That is how we feel when we walk into EDC too. 



6. Lilo & Stitch Rave Style 

Lilo & Stitch are best friends and together they danced under the electric sky together on this creative totem. The border with the light was great detail and of course the totem creator's matching kandi necklace is the cherry on the cake. Great work! 



5. Free Love 

This Free Love totem represents everything that EDC stands for. The multicolors and the lined LED strips on the side made this beautiful totem stand out at any stage. 



4. Electric Daisy Carnival 

This totem is a hoot! Fitting right with that Insomniac theme, this totem is well designed with wide awake owl and the words "Electric" then daisies in the middle and "carnival" on the other side. It was colorfully painted too, giving it extra points! 



3. LED Poop Emoji 

This dancing emoji totem was one of the coolest we have ever seen. It was small and didn't block your stage view and featured hilarious animations like a dancing poop emoji and the EDC logo.  



2. Dancing Pikachu  

This dancing Pikachu was hilarious. Raver Pika was ready to twerk, shake its booty and was dressed in kandi for EDC. The LED screen could be seen across the crowd from any stage making it the ultimate friend finder. 



1. Mushy Mob Mario 

#MushyMob Mario is ready to go! The rainbow LEDs flash to the music perfectly. On the side, there are words programmed that rotate around the box saying #MushyMob. Check out the video of this awesome creation HERE. The pole had tiny holes in that shined lasers onto the ground around them. The detail of this totem really shows, plus the same creator made the LED candy pop next to it! 



EDC 2019 was such an incredible experience! You can read the Top 10 Highlights from EDC 2019 HERE


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