Boogie T. Discusses His Music History, the Origin of His Name, and Upcoming Collabs in iEDM Exclusive Interview

| April 21, 2017

As a huge fan of Boogie T.'s, I was stoked to be invited to see him perform along side Ganja White Night during their 3-night run here in Denver, Colorado. I showed up to the venue a little early and caught Brock Thornton AKA Boogie T. during sound check for a quick interview

iEDM: You’re on night 2 of your SOLD OUT 3-night run in Colorado with Ganja White Night, how do you feel?

Boogie T.: I feel absolutely remarkable. Shit’s looking up. It’s crazy, this is our 2nd sold-out show in a row and we have another one tomorrow night. We’re actually really relaxed because we have a hot tub at the Airbnb, so after every show, we just go chill.

iEDM: Which city on this tour so far would you say had the best crowd?

Boogie T.: I had a really good time in Seattle a couple nights ago. It was an all-ages crowd so it’s kind of cool to see the younger kids freak out! I can’t even imagine going to this kind of show when I was 16. I wouldn’t even know what the fuck to do..

iEDM: What kind of shows did you go to when you were 16?

Boogie T.: Like blues shows. I was from Louisiana, they didn’t even have this shit around there. It didn’t even exist back then. So it’s cool to bring the funk with the electronic shit that’s going on. It makes me feel like I’m back at home.

iEDM: What was it like being an upcoming producer in the music scene of Louisiana?

Boogie T.: I actually did my first gig when I was like 11 with my guitar at some Mardi Gras event. I would go every weekend and play with these old blues cats. It wasn’t like a competition like dubstep is. You didn’t have to like hit up a promoter and get all kinds of crazy shit going, like no… I’m like this little kid that was going to these bars with my dad. We would go in and they would be like, “what you got in that case, Youngblood? Is that a Strat or a Tele?” And I’d be like, “yo I got a Strat.” and they’d be like “get over here Youngblood, plug up!” and I’d say “Ok, what key are we in?” and they’d say “C, 1 4 5, let’s go!” and I’d be like “I got you!” And that was the whole ticket; the key to improvising. You can just bring your guitar and play with anyone. That was the original back-to-back, fuck a thumb drive. I brought my guitar places and plugged in.

iEDM: So you started off pretty young then?

Boogie T.: Very young. I started playing guitar when I was 8. Started playing piano when I was 6. Started teaching guitar when I was 14. Got my first recording program when I was 11, my grandma bought it for me it was Sony Acid 5. I started producing on that… recording acoustic guitar, singing like School Of Rock songs and shit like that. I would take the CD’s I made in my little red wagon with all my music equipment and my buddy Caleb, we would go to this little gazebo in the park. We would set up and play around, and people would up and be like, “what are these kids doing?” and all we would say is “buy my CD please!” We were so bad. I just think about it like this: Everyone sucks at one point, I just sucked for a lot longer than some of these guys. They’re like, “yo, I just started producing 2 months ago.” and I’d be like “well, you have a lot longer to suck before you’re good.” That’s just how it goes, I’ve been doing this for a long time.

iEDM: And it seems like it’s starting to pay off!

Boogie T.: Yeah definitely! Like, I’ve always enjoyed it and I’ve always made money doing this. It’s like all I’ve ever done. Besides when I used to remodel houses with my dad to make extra money. I’d do that and guitar lessons. I’d record people at my house, all kinds of shit. I also did lighting and sound systems. Anything in the music industry, I wanted to do it. There’s so much money to be made. You could do any part of it, everything in this industry excites me. Why not make that my fucking job?

It’s the best industry and the worst. With the good comes a lot of bad, but if you’re positive enough you can get past it.

iEDM: The tour with GWK is coming to an end soon, what are your plans for after?

Boogie T.: I don’t know if I can say too much, but I’m working on some stuff with Squnto. He’s a really good friend of mine. I’m working on some stuff with Luzcid, Snails, the All Good crew like Griz and those guys. So a lot of projects in the works. And I’ll definitely be sticking with the Ganja boys, they’re like family. Also, some upcoming worldwide shit in different countries; passport shit! It’s really exciting. About to stamp out.

iEDM: How did you come up with the name Boogie T.?

Boogie T.: My mom used to call me “Boogie B” when I was a kid. And then in high school people would ask me what my nickname was. I’d be like, “yo, my mom used to call me Boogie B.” They were like “Na man, we’re going to call you Boogie T.” In Louisiana, they call you by your first name and your last initial, and my last name is Thornton. So that’s where it came from.

iEDM: Describe RIDDIM

Boogie T.: Oh no! The whole riddim thing now is just like quarter note synths, and like a kick and a snare. Not even a snare. More or less of a clap. If you make your snare too heavy, they’re going to say that’s not riddim anymore; and I’ve been there. They’re like “dude this isn’t even riddim!” and I’m like “well what am I supposed to do?” I don’t even make riddim I guess… I don’t even make riddim apparently. Because riddim is almost one song to these people that say riddim is one thing. Some people will be like, “nuh uh dude that’s like brostep.” and I have to be like, “dude stop.” Try and make a tune first before you say something. At least I’m having fun, and that’s all that really matters. It’s more like a meme than a genre. But I love it to death, it’s a whole energy thing, and the crowd goes fucking nuts for it. I’m obsessed with having fun, riddim is fucking fun. It works really well, it’s so fun. No hate though, I love riddim. Riddim pays the bills.

iEDM: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not making music?

Boogie T.: Umm, probably making music. That and smoking weed. I like hanging out with my friends. I like sleeping, I love to sleep. It’s also really hard to answer this question because I can’t even think of the times that I’m not making music. It’s like all day, every day. I was at this party, they were playing patty cake. I was like yo let me record that! I wanted to make it a dope intro with all the party talk behind it. It’s really fucking funny.

iEDM: If you could collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

Boogie T.: Dude, this is the hardest question ever. There are so many people I like. If I were collaborating with someone in hip-hop it would be someone like Wyclef Jean, Mos Def, and Lauryn Hill. Even a Fugees deal would be the shit. Oh! If I were collaborating with a soul artist it would be Erykah Badu. I love her. As for dubstep, Midnight T is a boy of mine. Spag Heddy is really sick. I really like Soltan, he’s from Fire Power. I really like his vibes. Of course the Ganja boys. The Disciple crew. I know I’m forgetting so many names right now. That’s why it’s such a hard question, I don’t want to leave anybody out.

iEDM: Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

Boogie T.: One time for the riddim, much love for the people. One time for yourself. Love yourself before you love anyone else, because you can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself. And that’s a true thing. Make sure yourself is taken care of, and then you’ll be happy, and you can make anyone else happy. That’s the biggest thing I can say.


 A huge thank you to Boogie T. and his management for allowing us to grab a few words before the show! Find more artists interviews on



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