Borgore Talks New Jazz Album In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| May 23, 2018

Our favorite rave god Borgore just released a jazz album, taking many by surprise. Adventures In Time has been completed for over a year now.  He's been talking about it for quite some time, keeping us on our toes waiting to hear this perfectly curated six-track album.

It's completely different than his usual "gorestep" EDM. His jazz album is incredibly smooth and keeps an uplifting rhythm. We are now seeing another side of Borgore's musical talents and it's a beautiful thing. Who would've guessed that he was going to find inspiration in a genre so different from what he's known for? Here is what he had to say about it.



iEDM: "What was the holdup and how did you go about releasing the album?"

Borgore: "Who else releases a Jazz album, you know? Where can you find some and get an idea of what the right approach is for a jazz album? There was no finessing or right way to do it. It was just like ‘Yo guys, I have a jazz album.' What could've been the worst-case scenario? People won't like it? Fuck it, there will be an EDM record in a month. I've gotten really good feedback, too."

Check out Adventures In Time below.



iEDM: Will you incorporate jazz into you future EDM albums?

Borgore: "I already did it in the past, primarily for ‘My Favorite Things', ‘Body and Soul', and ‘Afro Blue'. Those are all records that I put jazz in to and in some of them I even played the saxophone. People just don't know."

iEDM: "What inspired this album?"

Borgore: I just really love jazz.

iEDM: Jazz is so different than EDM. What's the greatest benefit that jazz brings you?

Borgore: A lot, but mainly that every time you play a jazz song, it's completely different.

iEDM: Can we expect more albums in the future?

Borgore: Hell yeah!


We'll be looking out for the next one! If you didn't check it out above, you can find the album everywhere, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

Thanks again Borgore for another great album and catching up with us to talk about it. We are excited for whatever you decide to do next because it's always great.

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