Bro Safari Talks About His Upcoming Album & Sound Choices In iEDM Interview


| June 22, 2018

We were so excited to meet and chat with Bro Safari: moombahton, trap, and dubstep producer. We had the opportunity of chatting with Bro Safari before he went on at Spring Awakening recently, and we were so humbled by his chill vibe and openness. Here’s what he had to say:


iEDM: Where did you come up with the name Bro Safari?

Bro Safari: It’s been so long now. But I think a few words were thrown around, “Broseph” [not to be used as a name], then rastafari, some it became Bro Safari

iEDM: You do a lot of fests, what’s your favorite one to play at and which one are you most excited about this year?

Bro Safari: Oh my Lord, well last time I played SAMF it was great, so I’m expecting tonight to be great. Last year EDC (the one before this one) was really great. All of them are so great now. There was a time when festivals were hit or miss, but now all of them are good. The one that I wished that I’d played last year was Lost Lands, that one looked bananas, but I’m playing it this year, so I’m looking forward to that for sure. 

iEDM: What new sounds/instruments are exploring right now and working into your upcoming tracks and music that you haven’t done before?

Bro Safari: Yeh, I just finished an album with UFO, we finished an 11 song album and it’s pretty diverse, you know, it’s all over the place. All sorts of genres and tempo, but it’s mostly rooted in bass, like heavy bass tones. I think he and I are going to do a tour later this year where we just build a live show that’s much different than what you might see from a Bro Safari set so I’m looking forward to that. It really is across the board, like I said different tempos - just different takes on bass music.

iEDM: So what kind of sound do you usually go for, live vs. production?

Bro Safari: For my live sets I do nonstop trap, dubstep, hard tune after hard tune. It’s much different than my production. My production can be more diverse, I hope around tempos. But when I play live, i like to get it directly the basses - play hard and fast.

iEDM: What’s your favorite track you’ve ever made?

Bro Safari: One I’m most proud of from most recent years is probably “Reality” it’s the song I did with Sarah Hudson. That one felt a bit deeper than some of the other stuff I’ve done. It had a really melodic lush intro with a heavy drop. It still had some musical integrity behind it, it wasn’t just crazy bass sounds. I actually played notes. 


iEDM: Who has been your favorite collaboration so far?

Bro Safari: Oh man. Probably working with UFO - he’s my collaborative partner for live, we work on so much stuff together. Kill the Noise, when I worked with them it was great. Usually it’s going to boil down to whether or not I’m good friends with the person, and sometimes I build the friendship from the collaboration too. It’s always fun collaborating with newer guys as well, like I recently collaborated with Pasdat, he’s an upcoming producer from LA, it was cool having a fresh new set of ears that’s come up on something completely different than I did.

 iEDM: Who is your dream collab?

Bro Safari: That’s tough. I wanna say somebody like a personal favorite artist like Thom Yorke of Radiohead, but at the same time I probably wouldn’t want to collaborate with him because I wouldn’t feel worthy [laughs], but something along those lines. Somebody who's just light years ahead of me in terms of artistic ability. Not to put myself down, but people I look up to I look up to for a reason.

iEDM: What is something that you must travel with when you’re on tour?

Bro Safari: Comfortable travel pants is the number one thing for planes. I just got new ones last week. I went to the store and asked for the most comfortable sweatpants that don’t look like sweatpants. Entertainment for travel and stuff to make me feel at home when I’m at hotels too. 

iEDM: What is next for you after Spring Awakening?

Bro Safari: Home and vacation with my family. I’m chilling out till August and actually taking all of July off.


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