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| April 30, 2020

As we all know, 2020 has proven to be trying times for humankind. Although advised to stay indoors and away from groups of ten or more, figuratively speaking communities are coming together. Of course, it’s tragic to see ALL concerts and music festivals being cancelled this year or postponed to a later date but these actions are necessary. In our realm, the rave community is showing vast support for one another as artists have streamed live sets to our homes for weeks now with audiences’ equivalent to concert and festival numbers!

Thanks to Corona (not the beer) an uncanny amount of people are getting cozy in their homes around the globe. Maybe you are tired of pacing your dorm or apartment with the empty walls or just need something to bundle up with while in bed or on the couch. I know plenty of y’all stay on the internet looking for new stuff to buy while in quarantine (cough cough). Lucky you iEDM has items to decorate your apartment(s) and dorm(s) that could change your lame quarantine turn into a rave quarantine!


To my knowledge, a duvet is similar to a blanket. Only it is larger and fluffier as it is stuffed with more material to keep the recipient warmer while they lay in bed. Our iEDM duvets come in two sizes, Queen and Twin. Animal lovers can adopt one of our animal themed duvets as it will give you unconditional love and keep you warm at the same time! Get comfy with a new Duvet HERE!


During time of quarantine our new friends may have names like, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and so on. Whether it is streaming sets, movies, TV shows or all the above, many people have turned into binge watchers over the past few weeks. Every binge watcher needs a solid blanket while enjoying their favorites, unless they’re dancing or headbanging. Browse Plush Blankets HERE!

Pillows and Pillow Cases

By now everyone staying home has become more than acquainted with their pillows. They might even have more drool stains than anyone cares to admit, but who’s judging. Liven up those square pillows with a new iEDM pillow case. Better yet, get new square pillows altogether! Peruse pillows and pillow cases HERE!


Instead of going outside, try going into another dimension. Eat some vegetables, watch some Twilight Zone, and look into your walls. Let your mind wonder into a trippy tapestry. Cool thing about tapestries is that they’re awesome for many rooms of your domain. Also, they travel easy once you finally get to another camping festival.

Hooded Blankets

If I were a betting man, I’d bet you have traveled back and forth from your bed, to the couch, kitchen, deck if you have one, check the mail for packages, and so on. Unless your name is Pigpen, dragging a blanket everywhere isn’t always acceptable. I’ll tell you what is acceptable though, a Hooded Blanket! Hooded Blankets are the best of both worlds because not only will they keep you warm like both blankets and hoodies do but it stays on your head like a hoodie and has the width a blanket.

Anti-Germ Masks

Last and most important, iEDM has joined the fight against Covid-19 with new FDA/CE approved Anti-Germ Masks! Not only are they stylish but they will help you combat daily germs you encounter while on necessary outings. P.S. For every mask sold iEDM will donate a surgical mask to a hospital in need! 

Everyone is experiencing tough times, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. iEDM makes it convenient for ravers with payment plans on orders of $35-$1000. I’ll say it again, the rave community is here for one another. Please practice social distancing and avoid crowds if possible; rave to live streams in your own zone. Hang in there, we will get through this together!


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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Read More...Danny is a Georgia based writer who is constantly on the road. While most of his escapades are music festival related, he does partake in other activities like concerts, going to the beach, or just simply hanging out. His day is not complete if he doesn’t hear music.

His first music festival was Counterpoint 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. He prefers diverse music festival lineups. With a compiling keychain of festival wristbands, he experiences at least one new music festival a year. His nomadic ways have brought him many friends and opportunities along his journey.

He has become a sponge in the EDM community and favors artist like Zeds Dead, Rufus du Soul, and Excision. Always willing to hear new music!

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