Elderbrook Talks The Story Behind Grammy Nominated Track & Country Music in iEDM Interview

| July 12, 2018

Electric Forest was once again one of the best festivals of every year, and iEDM was excited to enjoy another year of those awe-inspiring Forest vibes.

One of the best daytime sets of the weekend was Elderbrook at the Observatory, a favorite stage tucked inside the Sherwood Forest surrounded by larger than life art installations, the rows of pine trees, and features a deck view overlooking the stage.

Only weekend 2 Foresters were lucky enough to see the live performance from this Grammy nominated producer, who sang all his tracks live, while looping, dancing and playing keys.

After his set, iEDM got the chance to sit down with this London producer after his set to talk about "Cola," and what other surprises he has coming for fans.


iEDM: So, you just got done playing. That was an awesome set.

Elderbrook: Hah, thank you.

iEDM: Did you have fun?

Elderbrook: Honestly, SO good. I've never been here before. It's amazing.

iEDM: Yeah? That was good. So this is your first time in the U.S. doing a tour, right? Or have you been here before?

Elderbrook: Well, I did a small tour before in the U.S. but this is, yeah this is more just festivals, playing with Bonobo.

iEDM: What was your favorite place that you've been so far?

Elderbrook: That is a tricky question. I love Miami. Just because it's Miami. But honestly this place, I've never been in before and it's actually incredible.

iEDM: Yeah, I really like that you played inside the Forest too, it was shaded so it wasn't super hot. So what equipment is it that you use during your live performance?

Elderbrook: So I play keys during live performance for a couple of songs. And then a lot of it's looping on an MVC. And then I've got drum machine that I tap as well. And, but, mainly it's singing the whole time, which is why my voice is so hoarse.

iEDM: And those awesome dance moves.

Elderbook: They've developed over time, definitely.

iEDM: I think my favorite was the swaying back and forth.

Elderbrook: Oh the swing? Ah. It's my favorite too.

iEDM: So "Cola" was nominated for a Grammy this year, I'm sure you've talked about that a million times, but, it's undoubtedly one of the hottest tracks of the year. How did this collab with CamelPhat come together?

Elderbrook: Well, honestly, so CamelPhat are from the north of England, I live in London in the South. And they just came down, I guess, for like a couple sessions, with a couple of singers 'cause they had all these instrumentals.

But I came into the session, I was only there for about three hours, and they played the instrumental that was "Cola" and it was a bit weird, like, there's loads of people in the room. I had to down, and think of words on the spot. Which usually isn't amazing, but, I did it.

And I came with the story of a girl who goes to a night club, she doesn't get in, she's too drunk. She goes to another night club, she doesn't get in. But then someone gives her a Coca-Cola. To sober her up. Like a friendly bouncer gives someone a Coca-Cola. So she sips it and she's so drunk that she thinks it's a rum and Coke, bless her.

iEDM: Haha, I've been a bartender before and have experienced that.

Elderbrook: That's true though, if you're a bit too drunk, have a Coca-Cola, sober up. But anyway, they came down, they did that and, yeah, I guess just came up with the words and away it went.

iEDM: Yeah, and then it was nominated for a Grammy.

Elderbrook: But honestly, at the time of writing it, we didn't think too much about it, like, I was only there for a couple of hours and then we went our separate ways. And like three months later, he got signed to Defected Records and then, yeah, it just kind of took on a life of its own. Like, none of us really expected anything to come of it. And now it's been remixed by tons of artists. The Frankie Rizardo one is amazing.

iEDM: Yeah, I really like the Zhu one.

Elderbrook: The Zhu one is fun. Did you know that was on a SnapChat filter as well?

iEDM: Really? No, I didn't know that.

Elderbrook: Yeah it was for a couple weeks apparently.

Photo by Daniel Sullivan

iEDM: Do you have any other exciting collaborations coming up?

Edlerbrook: I've worked with Diplo a couple of times in the last month or so. I mean, I was in L.A. writing with a couple of people, and he just texted me on Instagram, he just hit me up, he slid into my DM's.

iEDM: Yeah? Diplo and the DM's.

Elderbrook: He just invited me out to his house to work with him and we, yeah, we're working on some stuff at the moment so who knows what will come of that.

iEDM: You're a very genre-bending artist, which is awesome, I didn't actually expect you to sing live.

Elderbrook: Oh, really?

iEDM: Yeah, I mean I hadn't ever seen you live so that was great. So what's on your music radar at the moment?

Elderbrook: My music radar. Do you know what? Recently, I've just been listening to country music.

iEDM: Really? Country music? Like who?

Elderbrook: Oh my god. I don't even know that names, I just stick on a playlist and I just go for it, honestly, like really Pop-y country music.

iEDM: Really Pop-y country music, interesting.

Elderbrook: You'd be disgusted with me.

iEDM: Haha, no I grew up in Indiana so I know country music.

Elderbrook: Oh okay, okay, so you get it. There's some beauty behind it. It's nice, but no, I like, this month it's country next month it might be West-African dance music. It could be anything. I go through, leaps and trends.

iEDM: What if we did the lyrics to "Cola" in a country remix?

Elderbrook: [sings song lyrics in a southern accent]

iEDM: Yup. That's gold right there. So what're you working on now?

Elderbrook: I'm working on an album. I'm getting that together. It's taken a while, like, I've been writing for the last ... I just write all the time basically. It doesn't stop. But, yeah, there'll be an album next year, early next year.

iEDM: Yup, more Grammy nominations?

Elderbrook: Probably not, but whatever. As long as it's the music I like. Maybe, we'll see.


Thanks Elderbrook for chatting with us after your set at Electric Forest! We will be watching for the new album in 2019. 

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