Elements Music & Art Festival 2016 Preview

Elements Festival 2016 Preview
| August 03, 2016

In the heart of Brooklyn, NY, lies a festival unlike any other. A place where the 4 elements of life fuse in perfect harmony- earth, fire, air and water. A place where the underground comes out to play and free-spirited souls get down and groovy. A place where art, underground talent, live performers and interactive experiences are at your very fingertips. This is a dreamer's playground and this is Elements:

Having been described as the combination of Burning Man, Berlin, and Buschwick, Elements is that underground, hidden-gem utopia that your soul was craving to experience this entire time- and guess what? On a breath-taking BK waterfront on August 13th, it'll all be going down for the third consecutive year.

Curated by top-tier event production company BangOn! NYC, which has hosted "Warehouse Of Horrors" and "Time & Space NYE," as well as hosting their own BangOn! NYC stage showcase at Mysteryland this year, Elements is another notch in their belt of all-star events with impeccable talent and one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

Now you may think, how does the concept of the four elements get incorporated into the festival? The way that's done is by the creation of four beautifully designed and well-thought out stages, each representing a different element, and dividing the artists on the lineup between the four stages that would best represent that element.

The chillest music is being dropped at the water stage, meanwhile some fiery, energetic music is getting dropped at the fire stage. 

But the real question is, who are the ones dropping these tunes? Headlining acts include electro-funk wizard Gramatik, our favorite masked-man Claptone, and two of the most genre-defying artists in the game right now, which are Mija and Ghastly.

We also have Dirtybird's Justin Jay, Prince Fox and tropical house artist, Klingande

Oh, and plot twist: as if the lineup couldn't get any better, this year, a fifth elements stage is being added featuring the Desert Hearts Crew. It's all about quality when it comes to this lineup, both the headliners and underground talent being nothing short of stellar. 

The amount of time that went into the creative process of Elements not only shines through their lineup, but through their dedication of turning your imagination into a reality through their immersive festival experiences.

You'll feel like you're in the middle of a Cirque De Soleil performance when you see the large scale art installations, death-defying aerial performances, interactive art cars, slides (yes, it's time to let your inner child loose because THERE ARE SLIDES, PEOPLE) and so much more!

And for the first time, Elements is teaming up with athlete Steel Lafferty to bring you some extreme wakeboarding on the BK waterfront- emphasis on the extreme since is something you cannot miss out on witnessing.

And rumor has it that New York has the best eats (I mean, it's true), so pizzas, burgers, Caribbean food, BBQ and more will be as far as the eye can see.

Elements will feel like home the second you walk in, because we all know that true happiness is dancing to your favorite music on top of an art car during sunset and having a pizza in hand, while your eyes get stimulated by some of the finest art and performances around.

Now, all we can do is count down the days till August 13th, watch the 2016 preview over and over again and prepare ourselves for the most engaging and soul-stimulating experience of our lives. 

Elements: Arts & Music Festival

August 13th, 2016 | Brooklyn Waterfront Location

1PM - 10PM | 18+




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