From Chad To Rad: What Do Guys Wear To A Rave

| June 14, 2019

Festival season is here! Whether you're attending a city music festival or a camping (my favorite) music festival, you might need some rave wear. Festival clothing is important because it keeps you covered as well as showing your style and creativity. Bonus, your cool festival outfit might be an icebreaker to talk to that cute raver chick!

Guys don't be rattled about dressing up for festivals, everybody's doin' it. Maybe you're at Bonnaroo and it's so hot all you want to wear is shoes, shorts, a hydration pack, and bandana. One festival outfit complete! Of course outfits get more complex, but that can be a solid base. Ladies aren't the only fashionable phenomenons strutting festival grounds. Gentlemen here are some iEDM options for you!


10. Joggers


Yes summer is here but joggers are still in season. Everyone's body temperature varies and some people are completely comfortable wearing joggers in 90 degree weather. However, joggers might be more appropriate and warming during thosecold camping festival nights. 

Jump into Joggers HERE.



9. LED Shoes


Festivals are a place where it is totally acceptable to be flashy. You don't have to be a kid to wear LED Shoes, especially at music festivals. Everyone is showing off their brightest festival wear and sickest dance moves from toe to head. Be your own night light and attract other ravers with a pair of LED Shoes!

Light up your feet with LED Shoes HERE.



8. Rave Shirts


Your shirt is the first thing other ravers will see, so rock a vibrant rave shirt! Our sublimated t-shirts have several themes from Game of Thrones Dragons to 420 Munchies and Cats. Some shirts even have bottoms to match. Don't be afraid to show off your EDM fashion!

Check out more than 250 Rave Shirts HERE.



7. Bandanas Masks


Mask on. Mask off. Ravers find so many uses for bandana masks. Some wear them over their mouths to hide that melted face during a set. Some wear them to cover their mouth and nose to prevent dust intake into the respiratory system. Some rock it as a headband. Whatever reason you find to use a bandana, it's always good to have at least one or two at every festival.

Find a Rave Bandana Mask HERE.



6. Onesies


Onesie Party! Never thought I'd be advising guys to get onesies as festival wear but then I wore one. They are fun, comfortable, fashionable, and always a topic of discussion. Chances are you'll be one of the thousands of ravers wearing a onesie. If you're lucky, you might even catch an invite to a onesie party while at a festival!

Check out our Onesie Collection HERE.



5. Hydration Packs


I can't stress the importance of hydration for the EDM community at music festivals. Hydration packs are one of many simple ways we can help cut down on litter and trash. Not only do they hold water but also a few belongings you may not feel like carrying. Save a turtle, get a hydration pack.

Consider Hydration Packs HERE.



4. Blacklight Styles


Blacklight outfits are dope. Not only are they colorful during the sunlight but they're more vibrant under blacklights. Our blacklight collection has shorts, tank tops, sweaters, and more. Blacklight styles are perfect clothing for those late night escapades.

Step into the Blacklight HERE.


3. Rave Tank Tops


Guys you know the drill. It's almost summertime and what says summer like tank tops. Rave tank tops are great because they're light weight even if they get wet. Some of our Graphic Tanks can be ordered in either white or black, increasing your selection options. I know you didn't skip arm workouts. Suns out guns out! 

Look at our Graphic Tanks HERE.



 2. Shorts

Unless you're in one of these random U.S. states where it's still snowing, it is shorts weather! Not only are these shorts printed with strange designs but they also have two front pockets; an underrated quality. Nothing says "Let's Get Weird" like some whacky shorts. 

Check out our Shorts Collection HERE.



1. Trippy Styles

'Trippy' has become a word to describe way too many things in the EDM community. iEDM has Psychedelic Outfits and Trippy Rave Clothes all in a few clicks. Do something crazy with you festival clothing. Let's get trippy!

Find more Trippy Styles HERE


Guys you should have a better understanding of how to fit in as a raver with these festival outfit ideas listed. Still looking for more ideas? Check out all our Men's Festival Clothing HERE.


about the writer

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Read More...Danny is a Georgia based writer who is constantly on the road. While most of his escapades are music festival related, he does partake in other activities like concerts, going to the beach, or just simply hanging out. His day is not complete if he doesn’t hear music.

His first music festival was Counterpoint 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. He prefers diverse music festival lineups. With a compiling keychain of festival wristbands, he experiences at least one new music festival a year. His nomadic ways have brought him many friends and opportunities along his journey.

He has become a sponge in the EDM community and favors artist like Zeds Dead, Rufus du Soul, and Excision. Always willing to hear new music!

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