[WATCH] GG Magree talks about being "SEXY" & Friendships on iEDM Interview

| January 08, 2019

GG Magree will make you feel sexy! If you haven't witness one of her sets, make sure to catch the most ecstatic DJ out there at your next festival! GG throws one of the hardest sets from playing heavy bass music to singing over her own tracks live! 

iEDM was able to catch an exclusive interview with GG Magree at Decadence Arizona before her set! This was one of the funnest interviews iEDM has experienced.

Check out life with GG Magree talking "Sexy" "Yeah Pussy" and even a little taste of what she is bringing EDM lovers in 2019! Check it out here below!  

Video Editing and effects: IG: @dutchiedino

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Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez

Read More...Ashley Lopez is a SoCal based writer who doesn't stop when it comes to pro activity in the music industry.

While she is a festival goer, she's also been a taste maker for artist owned labels; Diplo and Steve Aoki.

Ashley has also constructed a course at her former University for Electronic dance music production that gained significant coverage on social media. It doesn't stop there; Ash also makes music of her own, loved to skateboard, and is committed to the fitness aspect of her life.

It may seem that Ashley is all about EDM (which is pretty true), however she is also a fan of hiphop, alternative, indie and RnB. Some of her favorite acts in dance music currently are Seven Lions, Kompany, Walker & Royce, and i_o.

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