Girls Night Out: 5 Outfits For The Girl Squad

Girl's Night Out: Outfits You And Your Girl Squad Need In Order To Slay
| September 19, 2016

Ladies, listen up! We're all in need of a girls night out every now and then, but there's nothing quite like when you round up your girl squad and make your way on over to a fest or show. And it probably looks a little something like this upon arrival:

and maybe even this:

But of course as always, your stellar dance moves have to be complimented by some awesome threads- something that screams SLAY and isn't basic.

So we have the fix for you if you and your gal pals ever found yourself in a bit of a tiff when it comes to what to wear:


1. Rompers/Bodysuits

If you're like me and you find yourself spending hours upon hours making sure your top and bottom match perfectly, then you'll be as relieved as I was when you come across the idea of wearing a chic romper or bodysuit. They're functional, comfy and will make you look phenomenal without all the effort- need I say more?


2. Fur (That Even Lights Up)

Okay pause everything, because now we're bringing in the big guns. The ultimate key to looking like a bad b*tch is wearing fur, but not just any fur; fur that LIGHTS. UP. Tell me you won't look like such a girl boss rolling up to the show with a fur coat, because it doesn't get more pimp than that. 


3. Matching Sets

Like I said before, it doesn't get easier in terms of figuring out a top and bottom than to have them already picked out for you- this is why matching sets are the move. Whether you wanna feel like a disco ball and choose to go down the metallic route, or want to keep it simple and cute with some fringe, you can't go wrong with these sets and the design options are endless!


4. Rave Skirts

Who said pants were the only thing you could wear to a fest or show?! Switch it up with a cute skirt, like this long gypsy skirt, that you can pair up with a bodysuit or wear with some cute bottoms and a crop top to tie together your look.


5. Woobie Satchel

Even the hottest fest-queens in all the land need some sort of bag or purse that they need to hold their items. You probably don't want to put on a hefty backpack that's going to ruin the overall ~aesthetic~ of your outfit. That's why we have fanny packs! Going with something that looks like it's already a part of your outfit will give you the best of both worlds- functional and cute!

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