Here Are The Top 5 Rave Accessories Of 2017

| December 18, 2017

2017 was a great year and reminiscing back on all the amazing raves and festivals makes us a tear up a little. 

There were so many incredible moments on the dance floor, and incredible new artists to discover. We got to see our favorite artists break genre boundaries and truly excel the EDM world more and more. 

We got to experience once in a lifetime events and moments at our favorite festivals of 2017, and we got to look good while doing it. 

Rave wear has been an essential part of the EDM scene since the beginning. Creative outfits and dressing up with the perfect accessories is one thing that sets the rave scene apart from all others. We love colors, rainbows, experimenting with new styles and being yourself.

The best way to get that perfect festival outfit is to accessorize and add some spice to your favorite wardrobe. 

Here are the top 5 rave accessories of 2017: 


1. Goggles

Goggles were probably the hit rave wear accessory for 2017 thanks to Rezz. Our favorite new rising artist rocks LED goggles, and her fans do too. Goggles are a futuristic fashion trend made popular by steampunk and Burning Man. They give off a spacey out of the world vibe that is perfect for festivals and raves. You can put them on and get lost in the music.

iEDM offers a variety of goggle styles like spikes, kaleidoscope, and even glowing LED. We even offer ski goggles that are trippy and perfect for your winter rave outfit.



2. Bandanas

Bandanas are an essential item for dusty festivals like Burning Man or Electric Forest because they can help you avoid the post festival flu by protecting your lungs from breathing in the kicked up dust and dirt. 

iEDM offers an abundance of hi-res bandana designs that will match any festival outfit, check out the entire Bandana Collection HERE. They can also be folded into headbands or worn around your neck when you don't want to wear it as a mask. 



3. LED Gloves

LED gloves are an interactive rave accessory that creates a trippy light show for bystanders watching its magic. They are flow lights attached to the end every finger that with some practice can be manipulated into mesmerizing patterns.

Gloves are considered a flow art, and LED gloves that change colors and strobe create an entrancing effect that ravers love. Using gloves can be hard to master, but with practice, anyone can find their flow. 



4. Festival Blankets 

Blankets are a festival essential because you need to stay warm in your tent at night. But beyond the obvious reason, having a special festival blanket creates memories that you take with you to every event. 

A festival blanket is great for sitting on the grass and relaxing at your favorite stage with your squad. It creates a place for you to rest your feet, get some festival food and vibe out to the music. After three days of raging, you will appreciate having a comfortable pop up spot to rejuvenate. When you are at your campsite, you can hang it up for some shade. 

iEDM offers endless options of hi-def blanket designs that feature your favorite things like Stranger Things or the Cheshire Cat. Check out the full Festival Blanket Collection HERE



5. Hydration Back Pack 

Hydration Back Packs are key to make it through any large event. They prevent you from losing your wallet and cell phone, they allow you to bring a hoodie if it gets cold, and most importantly they make it easy to stay hydrated. 

Staying hydrated when you are dancing all day is key. It's easy to get lost in the music and forget to go buy a water bottle, not to mention most events charge a lot for a water bottle. 

Hydration packs reduce wasted plastic bottles and they hold more so you can go longer before having to find the nearest water station. 

Say no to boring hydration packs, because iEDM offers amazing designs that will add to your rave outfit style. Check out the Hydration Pack Collection HERE for all the designs. 


Rave accessories can make your outfit go from everyday fashion to festival vogue. Honorable mentions for the top accessories of 2017 include Kaleidoscope Glasses and Festival Tapestries

Use your creativity to redefine your style for the upcoming festival season and all the time. We believe in wearing art, so say no to boring outfits and step up your fashion game with the help of iEDM. Check out more Rave Accessories HERE


about the writer

Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

Read More...Lacy Bursick is a Colorado resident who enjoys traveling, hula hooping and hiking with her dog.

She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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