How To Shop For Spring Festivals Under $30

| February 01, 2019

With so many line up coming up for festival season coming up in so little time you may think it's impossible to save for those cute outfits for your spring festivals.

Well, no need to worry because iEDM has got you covered on your favorite accessories, tops, bottom, and light up gear all for under $30 dollars. You can always mix and match your favorite iEDM products to your future fests. Whether you are counting down the days until Ultra or Coachella, festival season 2019 is just around the corner, so let the 



 10. Pointed V Crop Top

Take a journey into the ray of colors with our extra vibrant V Pointed Crop top. This super luscious crop top will go great with any spring fest vest combination! Be very bold with this top at your next event. 




9. Mesh Tank Body Suit

More into the one piece style? Check out our brilliant Mesh tank body suit exclusively from iEDM! Love the flexibility in rave suits? Then you'll definitely love this one piece of glory.




8. Owl Graphic Tank Top

The Nightowl within you awaits for your next journey. This simple yet unique top is perfect for your spring festivals to keep you cool and make you feel cool. This is the perfect tank for EDC and any Insomniac event because owls are their mascot. 




7. Copper Bolt Diffraction Googles

Want to look bold and see bold? Try out our copper diffraction googles in 1 of 3 different lens. Choose from auburn, tinted, or clear to your preference! These googles will match your exotic fit at your spring festivals, or check out our full Goggles Collection HERE




6.  Aztec Kaleidoscope Glasses Rainbow

Want to experience an epic light show at the show? Try out our wonderful multicolor Kaleidoscope glassed to see what lays beyond to luxurious lights. 




5. C2 Bandana Mask


One of our most stylish bananas will keep dirt and other harmful bacteria away form you at the festival.  Not only will our bandana will keep you breathing clean but will also keep you feeling and looking great!




4. Galaxy Flag Flip-Flops

Nothing says spring like whipping out those flip flops ! But why not whip out the cutest galaxy flip flops out there ? Try our most comfortable and stand out flip flops that are out of this world!




3. Light Up Tie

Nothing spells out a good time than dressing for the occasion. Try out the light up tie and be the fanciest raver in the room.




2. Luminescence Sunglasses

Not a fan of the sun but just want to glow up the night? Grab a pair of these bad boys that'll last you all festival weekend! Just in time for those sunny days and party nights, these LED glasses are ready for you!




1. Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

These gems are for those who can keep the party glowing all weekend long. Try out these cool gloves and give shows to your friends! iEDM has various premium glove options HERE so you can find your perfect color scheme! 



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Festival Season 2019 is just around the corner, so gear up with the hottest rave wear in the world. We have specially curated Collections HERE for your next event. 



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Ashley Lopez

Read More...Ashley Lopez is a SoCal based writer who is proactive in the music industry. While she is a festival goer herself, she's also been a taste-maker for artist owned labels for Diplo and Steve Aoki. During her college career, Ash constructed a course at UC Riverside for electronic dance music culture, history, and industry studies that gained significant coverage on social media.

You may catch her behind the decks as she's also a music producer in the making crafting her sound at Icon Collective. Outside of the EDM life, Ash has other specialties that keep her going. You may run into her skating on the beach, kickboxing at the gym, or reading books on how to improve your life. Some of her favorite acts in dance music are Seven Lions, Kompany, i_o, Wax Motif, and Drezo.

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