5 Accessories to Stand Out at Your Next Rave

| July 05, 2016

In the EDM scene, it's fun to express yourself by setting yourself apart from everyone else. The style choices are in endless supply. Walking through a festival, you'll see all kinds of crazy, put-together looks. Even at a regular concert for your favorite artists, it's no secret ravers like to dress up and accessorize.

Here are 5 accessories that can spruce up any party:

5. Rave Masks

Rave masks are few and far between. This can turn a regular old outfit into something from an intergalactic space drama. LED masks come varying in all types of colors and types. You can decide to look like a chic robot or straight out of Tron. 

4. Animal Headgear

How many times have you been asked what your spirit animal is? Well, what is it? It's time to accessorize with whatever real or mythical animal you identify with. Do you want to add a darkened flair with a devilish black unicorn horn? Or maybe unleash your inner dragon queen. 

3. Kandi 

Creating and making kandi is an awesome pastime and great way to trade with others at festivals, PLUR all the way. Sometimes you need that added bracelet to really make your collection stand out. There are artist inspired bracelets, character inspired, and other statement kandi designs to give your rave outfit an extra pop! 

2. Fanny Packs 

Styles come and go in ebbs and flows. No longer is the fanny pack for some lost middle-aged tourist in the middle of New York City. The fanny pack is both functional and fashionable in the music scene. You can keep your hands free for dancing while you hold your phone, wallet, and keys around your waist.

1. EDM Glasses 

If the barrage of neon color and bumping bass wasn't enough for your senses, adding light up shades or diffraction glasses is going to take your mind to the next level. Get lost in a kaleidoscope dreamscape as everything around you becomes a string chorus playing out in front of your eyes. 

These types of accessories are all here to help you look your best and stand out amongst the crowds in style. 


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