[INTERVIEW] LE YORA Provides An Inside Look Into Their Project And Debut Album 'Labyrinth'

LE YORA, Ascension, Labrinyth
| May 30, 2023

There is nothing more special than creative minds coming together to work on a shared vision. All with their own unique talents and skill sets, this is exactly what artists Jewels, yuma., SOMMA, and MAGNUS have done on their new project, LE YORA. Taking listeners on an imaginative musical adventure, LE YORA has released their inaugural LP, Labyrinth. This spellbinding and introspective compilation overflows with hypnotic basslines, blissful melodies, and chilling vocals from MAGNUS.

Building something far beyond just their music, LE YORA has also launched their own label and events brand called Ascension. Through their seamless mixing abilities and genre-bending productions, this collective is quickly reigning in a new era of electronic music. Upon hearing Labyrinth, we made it our mission to connect with LE YORA and pick their brains about this thrilling project.

Check out iEDM’s exclusive interview with LE YORA below. 

LE YORA, Ascension, Labrinyth

iEDM: What is the story behind you all connecting with each other and deciding to create this project as a team?

LE YORA: We met on the internet about two and a half years ago. We developed a passion for the same type of music and started working on this project together. Likewise, we also quickly became friends and soon defined Berlin as our hub, which is when three of us moved here to fully focus on this project.


iEDM: What does LE YORA mean and is there a certain moment that comes to mind in regard to how the name was invented?

LE YORA: It is literally a fantasy word. It was created during a random conversation on Instagram between us when we were talking gibberish. Furthermore, it was important to us to create a unique name that stands out among other artists.

LE YORA, MAGNUS, yuma., SOMMA, jewels, LabyrinthiEDM: Are there any artists, cultural entities, or past works that were used as inspiration to bring Labyrinth?

LE YORA: We have a special connection with Cape Town and are inspired by the South African culture, people and music a lot. In terms of artists, some of our biggest inspirations are Nirvana, Radiohead and WhoMadeWho.


iEDM: Labyrinth encompasses a mesmerizing blend of all four of your musical identities. How do you equilibrate each other’s styles when working together?

LE YORA: Either one of us would come up with a basic sketch, and then we would all go into producing the track. However, for the second album we changed the process a bit. We have been jamming together in one room using only synths and real instruments, and then later on we would finalize the production on the computer.


iEDM: The opening title track and closing song, “Tears”, are at a slower pace and a bit calmer than the others. Was there an intention to order it this way?

LE YORA: We wanted to tell a holistic story with this album, keeping in mind the concept of dramatics.

LE YORA, MAGNUS, yuma., SOMMA, jewels, LabyrinthiEDM: MAGNUS’s lyrics throughout Labyrinth constantly take the listener on a spiritual and introspective journey. Why do you think this voice matches up so seamlessly with organic house and tribal-centric basslines?

LE YORA: His voice is beautiful and unique – he is also an outstanding songwriter in general, not even just within the genres we are making.


iEDM: What were some of your go-to production techniques and utilized tools when building the hypnotic layers of drums across Labyrinth?

LE YORA: We choose whatever feels right and match the rhythms of the writing (which we most of the time start with). Additionally, we have been recording a lot of our own sounds lately, especially during our last trip to South Africa.


iEDM: From a production standpoint, which song on Labyrinth did you face the most obstacles when making? How did you overcome these challenges?

LE YORA: “Meet You There” due to the fact that we had to align and find a balance between all the rhythmic percussive elements and the melodic parts. And “Lucid” as it is probably the most electronic sounding record where we had to come up with all these synth sounds and melodies you can hear throughout the record. 

iEDM: The artwork for each previously released single and the album cover is incredible! What sparked this thematic design and what does it symbolize? How does it reflect the vibe of its music?

LE YORA: Our goal was to create a vibe that reflects the spiritual and introspective journey of our songs, while representing the lyrical themes we wrote about.


iEDM: What were the highlights of you forging this LP as a collective? How do you feed off each other’s energy and ideas to let your creativity run wild?

LE YORA: The whole creative process was very natural and not forced. We went with the flow and created what felt right at the moment. Each of us has certain strengths, which luckily work very well together. We did not have any big arguments or conflicts during the process either.




LE YORA, MAGNUS, yuma., SOMMA, jewels, Labyrinth

iEDM: What advice would you give to up-and-coming artists in the deep and organic house scene who are struggling to find their unique sound? What are the best strategies to refine a track in a way that sounds smooth and natural, like the final product of Labyrinth?

LE YORA: I would not box us in the deep and organic house genre. To give advice to smaller artists, in a broader view, let me introduce you to a different way of thinking. Instead of us telling you to follow a path, rather ask yourself this question: ‘Who do I want to be and where do I want to be?’

After you answer that – then analyze if the music you are making, along with the brand you are building, represents the qualities that you want to be defined by. Scenes come and go; hype is only temporary. Follow the feeling that attracted you to in art and stick to it.

Going into production – study your favorite songs and focus on understanding why the song makes you feel and move a certain way. We ask ourselves these questions: ‘why does this song work so well in the club? What elements are making the crowd move? How does the energy build and release?’ This is how we got better.


iEDM: What aspirations do you have for Ascension Radio? How will it stand out from other musical outlets?

LE YORA: Ascension Radio is our way of sharing what we love and DJing our own music, in a non-club setting. We play music that resonates with us and invite guests (other artists) that also resonate with us. I think this is not about competition but rather our love for sharing dope music!

LE YORA, MAGNUS, yuma., SOMMA, jewels, Labyrinth

iEDM: If you could pick any place in the world to perform a live album mix of Labyrinth, what setting would you choose and why?

LE YORA: Cape Town. We just got back from an extended writing trip there and ended up falling in love with the ethos of the city and South African nature. It is truly magical there.


iEDM: What future projects can you hint at for your fans to look forward to? What are your main goals as a group for the rest of 2023?

LE YORA: Our goal for this year involves two things:

1. Releasing our own music through Ascension
2. DJing at sick clubs


Photos courtesy of LE YORA


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