[INTERVIEW] Martin Jensen Discusses Stage Design, "Days Like This", + Highlights From The X-Factor

| February 06, 2023

Known for his infectious production style and energetic stage presence, Martin Jensen has become a household name throughout the music industry. Since his breakout viral hit, "Si", Martin has gone on to forge timeless dance anthems, such as "All I Wanna Do", the chart-topping "Sole Dance", and many others. This groundbreaking DJ/producer is also the most streamed artist from Denmark, racking up over two billions plays to date. His expertise and creativity in sound design has led to collaborations with James Arthur, The Vamps, Timmy Trumpet, and more.

On top of his impressive production catalog, Martin has delivered memorable sets across the globe. He has brought his jaw-dropping mixing abilities to the likes of Lollapalooza, Tommorrowland, Marquee, Ushuaïa Ibiza, and the biggest party venue on Earth: World Club Dome. Adding to his identity as an artist, Martin is also a visionary. During the pandemic, he launched his 'Me, Myself, Online' series to pioneer new avenues in the event space, later transitioning into 'Me, Myself, Live'. As Martin continues to drop addictive releases, like his new feel-good track, "Days Like This", there is no bar set too high for this veteran artist.


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Martin Jensen below.


iEDM: What are some of the most difficult challenges faced in regard to being a lighting engineer and stage designer? How do these skills intertwine with your identity as an artist?

Martin Jensen: To that part of the job, it would be having the responsibility to ensure everything is running exactly how it should be as well as being on time! Being an engineer requires precision in all aspects so there really isn’t much room to “freestyle” or go off script in that sense. The creative input however of the overall planning, design, and resulting show can come together, is something I’d say has translated over to my creativity as an artist.


iEDM: What were your expectations for “Solo Dance” before it was released and how did you react to its global success?

Martin Jensen: “Solo Dance” I will always be thankful for as the track that really put me on the map – it’s almost 7 years or something like that since it was released now and I still hear it on the radio to this day, crazy! I never expected it to be that huge but the fact my fans and beyond still love has me just like, “fuck yeah!”



iEDM: In what ways has your production style changed and evolved since then?

Martin Jensen: I’ve for sure experimented a lot more, across genres and with my own tastes and style. As an artist, I’m always evolving and I never want to just come up with what people expect of me, from audiences, labels, friends, whatever, I want to always be pushing myself artistically and to me, that is the most important thing.


iEDM: How did you create the chorus bassline in “All I Wanna Do”? What production elements within it really stand out to you?

Martin Jensen: With songwriting, I particularly like to work with other songwriters and collaborators to really give a track as much emotion and element as I can. Production-wise, I really wanted to add in the tropical but also bass-leaning sounds so it felt like this perfect sunshine track, but still emotional and feel-good. Capturing good energy is at the heart of everything I do!



iEDM: From Tomorrowland to the World Club Dome, you’ve toured across the world multiple times. What have been some of your top venues to perform at and why? What is one festival that you have yet to play at that you would really like to and why are you drawn to it?

Martin Jensen: Tomorrowland is always super fun, I really wanna go back and kill that mainstage as it's always incredible! I think I’d love to play Coachella in the US, it’s a real bucket list for a lot of artists, myself included.


iEDM: You are always repping an awesome outfit during your sets, whether it's a suave-looking button-down or a stylish fur coat. What are your favorite fashion trends right now and do you have any outfits that have been a go-to throughout your career?

Martin Jensen: Thank you! I’ve worked with some great stylists over the years who help me keep my finger on the pulse but I like a lot of luxe sportswear too, brands like Off-White, Moncler, and Palm Angels are some cool go-to’s.



iEDM: Your 2022 hit single, “Don’t Play Games”, with FAULHABER, CMC$, and SELAH, embodies an energetic beat and infectious vocals to match. What do you love about collaborating with a variety of artists on a project? What are some obstacles that come from coordinating with multiple artists and how can they be overcome?

Martin Jensen: I like to collaborate with other producers and vocalists because it's always interesting to hear ideas and come at a project from a different angle than you would solo every time. It’s great to push each other out of our own respective comfort zones too and ultimately, get onto a similar vibe and wavelength to hopefully create a great end result. It’s not often there are obstacles to the extent that it is an issue to overcome, collaborating is all about finding the balance and the positives that come out of working together.


iEDM: With over 2 billion streams on Spotify alone, what does it mean to you to be the most streamed artist from Denmark? Is there anything you want to say to your hometown fans in regard to their support all these years?

Martin Jensen: To have the colossal support of my people, especially across Denmark and Europe further afield, blows my mind. It just shows that people are resonating with the music that I’m making and of course, it makes me feel super proud. I couldn’t be more thankful!




iEDM: What were some of the highlights from being a judge on The X-Factor Denmark? What valuable things did you learn from your fellow judges?

Martin Jensen: I think the importance of time. Everything is so fast-paced and sometimes, there is no avoiding or extending a deadline, a live show, or a decision. The show was such a highlight in being able to view so much talent, but it’s a double-edged sword because, at the same time, I think it would be a blessing to not rush such a fast-paced industry.


iEDM: In your opinion, what message and vibe can be drawn from your new single with Jay Sean, “Days Like This”?

Martin Jensen: To not give a fuck! As the track says, “no one can stop me”, and we want fans and listeners to take that on and feel it too! It’s about confidence, feeling good, and getting the best intentions out there and you doing you – no matter what anyone else thinks.



iEDM: What were a few of the best parts collaborating with Jay Sean? How were you able to structure an instrumental around his vocals that creates a sense of balance, where one component isn’t too overbearing?

Martin Jensen: It was great to collaborate with an artist with such a long withstanding career and an understanding of the industry. We really got where each of us was coming from, he really understood the direction and vibe of the track, and his delivery complimented it so well, I was so happy we were both on the same page – and our final track was a blast to create!


iEDM: When making “Days Like This”, what pushed you the most out of your comfort zone as a producer and how were you able to tackle it?

Martin Jensen: I don’t think it was pushing me out of my comfort zone, I knew I wanted to make something so kick-ass and unapologetic and I think we really achieved that! Maybe at first we were slightly apprehensive about maybe including a swear word in the main section of the chorus, as some people worry it can hinder radio play or put people off, but that soon subsided – it makes the track what it is!


iEDM: What sparked the idea for your 'Me, Myself, Online' series, and what was the process behind transitioning to 'Me, Myself, Live' shows?

Martin Jensen: At first, ‘Me, Myself, Live’ was the original premise and then, the pandemic hit, so we thought fast to shifting this to a live stream/online project. We were super lucky to get permission from the Danish government and some amazing locations – including the Telia Parken, our national stadium – to really bring some entertainment to people at home during quarantine.



iEDM: What moments did you like the most about your partnership with Redbull and Twitch for these performances? How did this venture allow you to form a stronger connection with your audience?

Martin Jensen: I think if anything it gave us a great connection and visibility to both of our audiences and fans – it's always great to work with brands especially on activating something like a new project as we did here. I get a great audience on Twitch and it's something I’m always eager to grow and explore, new ways to link with my fans and connect in new ways is always something I like to work on.


iEDM: What exciting plans or projects for the future can you hint at for your fans to look forward to? Is there anything new, in or outside of music, that you want to try this year?

Martin Jensen: I’ll have an all-new single coming out February 10th – “What A Night” – which is a super cool collaboration that I’m excited for everyone to hear! I’ll also be announcing some new shows as the months roll on, no slowing down for 2023!


Photos Courtesy of Martin Jensen


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