Mark Lizaola Talks About What Sparked His Passion in iEDM Exclusive Interview


| March 17, 2017

Born and raised in southern California, Mark Lizaola has been DJing since age 15. His musical upbringing has been heavily influenced by the region's underground rave scene.

He now spends his day to day working for Accessible Festivals, a non for profit who seeks to make festivals accessible to people with disabilities.

It wasn’t long until attending these events tapped back into the  passion for making his own sound. LA based, he travels the nation giving his audience a manifold trip through unique sets. After crushing his set at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, he took a few minutes to chat with us.


iEDM: You played Okeechobee Music Festival last night, are you happy with your set?

Mark: Yes, it was a good set. I feel it flowed pretty well, I take everybody on a good little trip and you know had a good time. I like to make each set like a story.

iEDM: What do you mean by that?

Mark: Just take them on a trip from start to finish. I go everywhere between house and techno and it really depends on where I am going. I feel too many DJs these days are just stuck in one genre. I mean techno people like one place. It's like a DJ is there to actually change it up to what people feel with things and they don't know they want to see it.

iEDM: I like that you don't just stick to one genre. You give the audience like several different emotions about yourself

Mark: Yeah. I keep it in the same general area within house and techno or in between. Also, funky and dark.

iEDM: Is this the biggest show that you've played?

Mark: I would say my biggest shows have been Nocturnal Wonderland in California, which is the end of September, and Insomniac Events.

iEDM: When did you first start producing?

Mark: I started producing maybe four years ago. I really started producing heavily, maybe in last 2.5-3 years and that's when everything really started to get better.

iEDM: Listening to your music I could tell that you have that LA-techno vibe. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Mark: Somebody I like a lot right now would be Sidney Charles. I like his music. He does the house thing, does the techno thing, everything. He is really groovy.

iEDM: Who has worked the most with you?

Mark: The LA techno guys I work closely with keep it to minimal sessions and we release a remix later this month. A buddy named Sir Roscoe is one of the people who taught me a lot of production stuff.

iEDM: Nice. I know that you have been in the festival scene working with Insomniac. What did you do with them?

Mark: Playing or work?

iEDM: Both. How did it start?

Mark: I work at all their festivals. I do ADA compliance most of the times. I basically make the festivals more accessible to people with disabilities. That’s where I started.

iEDM: And now you play insomniac events?

Mark: Yes, I get to play at Nocturnal Wonderland. I do some of their after parties like after EDC Vegas Nocturnal, and production parties which are cool.

iEDM: Wow! Awesome. Is that what sparked your passion for producing?

Mark: No, I have always been into it but it took me a long time to actually find my niche.

iEDM: How long have you been working for Insomniac?

Mark: I have been with them since 2013. I worked with all the festivals. Basically, I have worked with everybody from Insomniac.

iEDM: It sounds like you started working with Insomniac and producing at the same time?

Mark: Yes, I felt like that's when I got back into it being at the shows and really like watching everybody do what they do. That's what sparked my passion back then.

iEDM: How would you compare the West Coast to the East Coast scene?

Mark: I really like the vibes on the east coast I feel like there isn't as much going on over here so everybody is a little more genuine. But I love the West Coast obviously. I am from there and everybody has a great time and parties hard. It is like apples and oranges and I got so much love for both of them.

iEDM: Me too! So what else do you have planned for 2017?

Mark: I am coming out with an EP in May. Still working on finishing touches and there is no exact date on it. We are doing an Outlook party which is an event series that we do. Last year was the first one. We did it in middle of the desert. We set up this giant stage and bring out about 300-400 people.

iEDM: Interesting. Sounds like a mini Burning Man.

Mark: It is actually a pinpoint party on a dried up lake. You go to this point and you have to follow an invisible arrow for several miles until you get there.

iEDM: Like a scavenger hunt for an underground desert party?

Mark: Yeah yeah, So, it’s like back in the day the old house parties and old desert parties that used to go there. Very fun!


Thank you so much Mark for taking the time out to talk with us about your journey and showing us where you can wind up with passion and effort. We can’t wait to see you again. Don’t forget to pick us up on your way out to the desert!

Keep up with him on SoundCloud and Beatport for upcoming tour dates and funky beats. 


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