Oliver Heldens Talks HI-LO in Exclusive iEDM Interview

| July 25, 2017

Oftentimes we forget that DJs are people just like us. Many of them started out their EDM career on the opposite side of the DJ stand, in the crowds, like one of us. One thing that many fans love the most about festivals is the chance to learn more about their favorite artists and to catch a glimpse into what EDM is like on the other side of the DJ stand.

Oliver Heldens is a Dutch producer who was signed by Tiesto's label in 2013. But lately, he has been producing a new style of music, bass house, that he has been releasing under the name HI-LO.

iEDM recently had a chance to chat with Oliver Heldens and talk about his newest project and his inspirations. Read our exclusive interview below. 


iEDM: What inspired the HI-LO project?

Oliver: I wanted to be able to give a different style and vibe to my songs. For example, with HI-LO I’m going for that darker, techier, more underground kind of sound. What I really like about having HI-LO next to Oliver Heldens, is that it allows me to broaden my horizons as a producer and step out of my comfort zone more easily. People expect a certain sound from you and with two aliases I can experiment more. 


iEDM: You’ve played at EDC several times before, what keeps bringing you back?

Oliver: The message of EDC, the peace, love, and unity, I very much respect as well. You really feel this back from the audience. It's a place where everybody can be who they want to be.

iEDM: A lot of weird and strange things go down at festivals, what’s one of the craziest things you’ve ever seen at a festival?

Oliver: I’ve seen quite some girls that tend to lift their bras while I’m playing, haha!

iEDM: Do you have any advice for aspiring producers?

Oliver: Find your own sound that feels personal and don’t blindly follow trends. 

iEDM: Lastly, any final words for your fans?

Oliver: Just know that I love and appreciate every single one of you, and that a lot of exciting stuff is on the way!

Thanks for your time Oliver. We're excited to see what surprises you have for your fans, both as Oliver Heldens and from HI-LO. Check out Oliver's SoundCloud to hear his newest music and listen to his amazing EDC 2017 set HERE

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