Our Favorite Eyewear For Summer: 10 Glasses Perfect For Your Next Rave

| July 25, 2017

Eyewear is one of those rave accessories that are taken for granted. At any given festival, you'll see someone with a pair of goggles slung around their neck or diffraction glasses perched on their head and it'll look cool.

But sometimes we forget that these accessories don't have to be just accessories, they can be the highlight of our outfit, all while even protecting our precious eyes! 

Rave eyewear isn't limited to only kaleidoscope and diffraction lenses. We've compiled our favorite ten pieces of rave eyewear that can be the centerpiece of your next outfit.

Whether you're keeping your eyes safe from a dust storm at Burning Man, protecting them from harmful UV rays, or appreciating the finer details of a light show, we have the perfect pair of eyewear for you! 


1. Kaleidoscope Glasses- Rainbow

A classic and a best seller, our Rainbow Kaleidoscope Glasses are a must-have in any raver's wardrobe. They combine the portability and lightness of glasses with the trippy visuals and psychedelic effects of kaleidoscope lenses. Lightweight, colorful and fun, these glasses are a rave staple and will up your festival season style



2. Billionaire Beats

The best thing about the Billionaire Beats is that they can be worn both on and off festival grounds. Billionaire Beats play double duty: not only do they keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays, but they keep you looking cool while you're out and about. Sunglasses are a rave staple, and the Billionaire Beats will be perfect for any summer outing. Whether you're dancing in front of the stage, hanging at the beach or just going for a walk, make sure you keep a pair at hand. 



3. Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles 

Luminescent goggles are a guaranteed head-turner at any festival you may attend. But the Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles take luminescent goggles to the next level. Offering different colored wires around the edges of your goggles, you can pick and choose how you want to stand out at your next event. Whether you're enjoying a light show, admiring the stage, or simply adding to your steam punk vibe, our Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles offer versatility and style all at once. 



4. Customizable Flip Luminescence Diffraction Glasses

If you're feeling the versatility of customized luminescent eyewear but don't want to go the kaleidoscope goggles route, we have an alternative for you. The Customizable Flip Diffraction Glasses are lighter but still offer color customization for each and every rave outfit you pair them with. These glasses offer a diffraction option instead of a kaleidoscope lens, and they also flip up for your convenience when you want to take a break from the trippy diffracted visuals. 



5. Chrome Spike Kaleidoscope Goggles

If the steam punk vibe is your thing, you can't go wrong with our Chrome Spike Kaleidoscope Goggles This eyewear gives your entire look a hard and edgy vibe with the spiked detailing around the lenses. The shiny chrome color sets off the rainbow lenses and will be the highlight of your next outfit. If chrome isn't your color, these bestselling lenses are also available in black and brass frames.  



6. Diffraction Ski Goggles

Our diffraction eyewear comes in a variety of different styles, from goggles to glasses. One of our most eye-catching and head-turning styles is without a doubt our Diffraction Ski Goggles. These lenses are a bit heavier and wider than our other styles, but they also offer wraparound diffraction effects. You will be able to appreciate light shows and festival stages with full diffraction views from left to right. 



7. Tribal Kaleidoscope Glasses- Bug Eye

Our Tribal Kaleidoscope Glasses feature a fun bug-eye lens that warp and distort your vision with light-blocking kaleidoscope lenses. These glasses feature a lightweight frame with the full visual effects of kaleidoscope lenses. The colorful tribal design and colors on the frames of the glasses let these lenses stand on their own and will make your entire rave look pop. 



8. Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles 

Our newest addition to our rave eyewear collection are the Kandi Swirl Diffraction Goggles and they're the perfect blend of playful and practical. The lenses themselves are rainbow colored and the frames themselves feature rainbow swirls that make this pair of goggles the perfect complement to any outfit. With the fractal kaleidoscope effects and the whimsical colors, these lenses are your newest must-have. 



9. Luminescence Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a fun must-have and our Luminescent Sunglasses take this staple to a whole new level. You'll turn heads at your next event with illuminated sunglasses. While ordinary sunglasses are always important to wear at raves (check out our summer safety guide HERE to learn why) these illuminated shades will elevate your festival style



10. Black Kaleidoscope Wormhole Glasses

These colorful kaleidoscope glasses perfectly blend style and practicality with our simple black frames and colorful rainbow lenses. Our Black Kaleidoscope Wormhole Glasses utilize a unique wormhole lens to bend and warp your vision even more than our regular kaleidoscope lenses. These lightweight glasses are the perfect complement for any rave outfit. 


From protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and keeping dust out of your eyes (Burning Man, we're looking at you), these rave eyewear staples are a must-have.

Check out our entire collection of rave eyewear HERE to find your perfect pair. 

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