Puggin' Out: 5 Dog Tee's That You Need

Puggin' Out: Dog Tee's That You Need
| October 10, 2016

Woof woof!

Dogs are known to be a man's best friend for a reason- I mean, who could resist the cute lil' faces on these guys:


Putting their cute, energetic and silly nature aside, they're the most loyal and pure creatures to exist on this earth, and we love them dearly.

So dog lovers, it only makes sense that we rep our fluffy besties on our threads, and we've got the hook-up with the finest gear that serves as an ode to our beloved furry friends:


1) Puggin' Out

Pugs + galaxy/space vibes = the most epic shirt EVER. Instead of bugging out, prepare to "pug out" over this galaxy pug tee and tank. But not to worry, if you still wanna rep these intergalactic pug vibes while it's chilly outside, snag the sweatshirt or hoodie version instead!


2) Such Doge, Much Clothing

Ah yes, we all live for and love those doge memes that seem to just be never endings, so obviously it was only necessary for us to give you the opportunity to turn into an in real life meme and rep doge on your threads.


3) Lone Wolf

If you find yourself to be the lone wolf type of person, then there's no better way to show your true colors with this trippy alpha wolf t-shirt and tankperfect for fests like Electric Zoo, for example. Unleash your inner wolf.


4) They Tryna' Catch Me Ridin' Dirty

It's undeniable that when this song comes on, regardless of where you are or who you're with, that you LOSE your sh*t because ridin' dirty is a classic. But something even more epic than the tune itself is a dope lil' pup decked out in some cool gear shredding the streets and ridin' dirty on a pink bike.


5) Leader Of The Tribe

Wolves are known to be the alpha dog of all dogs, and are loyal leaders of their packs. When you're squading out with your pals at a fest and got your festi-tribe together, there's always that one person that's either the dad/mom of the group who you guys would basically be lost without their guidance. Give them this shirt as a thank-you, that way everyone knows who the pack leader is as well!

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