Rozes Drops "I Don't" And Talks Mental Health In An Exclusive iEDM Interview

| August 29, 2018

Rozes is back, and better than ever.

The singer has always been one of our favorite artists at iEDM. Besides lending her angelic voice to some of the biggest EDM tracks in the world, the Philly born artist uses her platform to help people in need. Known for being a true voice for the people, the 25-year-old Rozes is a champion for raising awareness about the importance of mental health; a topic that often goes ignored in a fast-paced society.

The poetic songwriter recently released her latest track, "I Don't," and it's the perfect track to close out summer. Rozes always finds a way to make her music relatable to anyone that has been in love.

iEDM recently caught up with Rozes in an exclusive interview after a knockout performance at Billboard's Hot 100 festival. She discussed some of her biggest collaborations, and a change that is on the horizon.

So sit back, and raise a glass of rosé to Rozes (did we mention she's also releasing a podcast called Rosé With Rozes?) because this is an interview for fans of music that moves the mind, body, and soul. 



iEDM: You just took the stage at the Billboard Hot 100 festival, and got the crowd rockin' Rozes! How are you feelin'?

Rozes: Great! I was actually nervous, because I felt like nobody was going to come see me. My anxiety continues to say that to me. "Nobody's going to be there." And then, I walked out, and go, "Oh my God! There's people out here!" It was great.

iEDM: They did come to show up! The people that were there do really care about you and your music. The last time that we talked in person was about two years ago. A lot has happened since then. You have so many great songs that I probably annoy my girlfriend with around the clock. We all love you. You ended your Hot 100 set with the song, "Matches." Of course, Cash Cash is on the track, and it's one of my personal favorites that I can listen to all of the time. What was that experience like for you teaming with the guys to put that out there?

Rozes: That song is so personal to me because it's one of my most vulnerable ones, where I'm directly pointing a finger. I'm not one to be like, "You did this to me!" In that song, I wanted to talk about specific memories about sitting in his basement, watching movies, his parents, and things like that. Writing that song, and having it come to life with Cash Cash, was the perfect amount of vulnerability and energy combined. I felt like it was a defining moment for me.



iEDM: Absolutely. For me, I could listen to "Matches" all day along, and feel the emotion, every single time. Another big one, of course, is the track "Girls on Boys" with Galantis. You are living the dream! Artist after artist, you are doing it. What was that like, dropping that out there for all the fans? I was taking a look around, and all the kids out on Long Island were going crazy.

Rozes: It's funny, because at festivals I notice the crowd knowing my dance songs. Whereas my concerts, it's a lot of songs I haven't collabed on. It's amazing to see people in the crowd just passionately singing along. I think, "Wow, this means something to them." In return, it means something more to me, ya know?

iEDM: It's the gift that keeps on giving. That's really beautiful. One thing that I really like about you is that you always keep it very authentic. I talk to a lot of people who keep their accounts very managed or don't really care about doing anything except promotional stuff. I really respect you, because you are very open with how you feel. I wish that more people were like you. Not only in music, but in life. For you, why is it important for you to put your true self out there? I know it's a very general question.

Rozes: Thank you and I understand! I think for me, is, I want my listeners to see how real I am, and how attainable something like this is. I know when I see my friends in office jobs, and they are just looking for the next thing. For me, I'm craving to show people how amazing it is to chase your passion. I want my viewers to see the ups and downs of it. Chasing your dreams is never easy. You can't give up on it, though.

iEDM: Once you give up, you are out of the game. 

Rozes: Right! And then it goes to the mental health thing. I want people to also know that I am human, and have feelings. Not everything is perfect, sunshine, and butterflies. That's hardly my life, honestly. 

iEDM: There are certain people who want to give off a certain image, and refuse to let people see what really goes on.

Rozes: Exactly. My social media really is a highlight reel. I try to show the "un-highlights" a lot of the time. 

iEDM: That's awesome, and again, that's why iEDM really digs what you are about. Summer is coming to a close, sadly. I wish it was an endless season. Can fans expect you to play any other dates coming up?

Rozes: As of now, I'm not sure what I'm playing next, but I have a lot in the works. There's a little bit of a change coming, as far as my sound goes. We are kind of preparing for that. In the meantime, check out my new single, "I Don't."

iEDM: I listened to it, and it's another bop! Before we let you go, what do you want to say to all of your fans out there? This is your time to shine Rozes!

Rozes: I am so excited that my fans follow me because I feel like I am their friend. I really do think we are friends. For me, the meaning of having them in my life is so much more than just having them listen to my music. It's them being there when I wake up in the morning, and them being there when I fall asleep at night. All I can do is thank for being my life.

You can follow Rozes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

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All pictures are graciously provided by Lauren Johnson of Hedonist Shedonist.

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