SAYMYNAME Talks Journey into EDM and Favorite Pups on Exclusive iEDM Interview

| November 25, 2018

Dayvid Sherman, better known as, SAYMYNAME, Insomniac's 2013 Discovery project winner is one big dog lover and an artist that had wild journey from graduating from Chapman University to now headlining festivals with his aggressive music.

The Godfather of hard trap himself came through to chat with iEDM on Blast! Take a read and hear how the hard trap man himself talks about his experiences an artist and what fans can expect from him in 2019!


iEDM: I heard you’ve been having a busy weekend!  Can you recap on the shows have played this weekend and will be playing? How was that experience?

SAYMYNAME: This weekend has been pretty stacked with festivals. Tonight is Escape and I just did Get Freaky in Salt Lake and tomorrow I’ll be doing Freaky Deaky. I’m excited for the entire weekend!

iEDM: I know you have a meet a greet later tonight. How do you feel about that?

SAYMYNAME: Yeah! So Insomniac reached out to do a merch collab. I designed the T-shirts so were going to be selling those T-shirts in the merch booth and  signing them and doing a meet and greet all together.

iEDM: You have a pretty loyal fanbase, there were some crazy totems your fans made. What are your thoughts on that?


SAYMYNAME: Yeah my fans are die hard trap fans it makes all the travel and hard work so worth it !

iEDM: From what I have experienced during your sets is that they’re always packed!

SAYMYNAME: Yeah it's getting there. It’s a lot of work and progression that it took to get there it’s awesome!

iEDM: Can you go into more about your history as a DJ and producer ? Your dad was a DJ and your first show was 12 years ago today right ?

SAYMYNAME: 12 years.. Wow yes it has been 12 years ago in 2006 yeah ! My dad was a DJ and showed me how to spin and cool records. I got super into it fast.

iEDM: And how would you explain the progression of your growth in the dance music scene as a professional artist now ?

SAYMYNAME: It’s just really taking the hobby to a professional level and really is a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and adapting to the change because you can imagine a lot has changed over 12 years. I’m not the same DJ 12 years ago as I was a freshman in HS playing at that set to now a such different vibe.

iEDM:  So when did you find dance music and trap?

SAYMYNAME: My father introduced me to 80’s electronic music but I didn’t know it was called electronic music I just called everything hip hop if it had a rapper on it . Kraftwerk vibe, more breakbeats kind of music. From then I switched from making hip hop beats to now dance music.

iEDM: I know you pushed all your producing through college. Where did you go to college?

SAYMYNAME: I went to Chapman University and majored in public relations and advertising.

iEDM: Would you say that that’s one of your passion as as well?

SAYMYNAME: Um... I wouldn’t called it a passion it just fit. I’m more creatively driven but during my time in college it just made sense and that's what would supplement my music.

iEDM: Where did you get the name SAYMYNAME?

SAYMYNAME: Honestly it was really random. At first I was brainstorming like “what’s my name” came to my head and I went through this entire process and I want people to say my name and remember it and from there I’m like oh shoot, SAYMYNAME! I started to think of record like Porter Robinson and it just all came together from there. Headhunters has a track with that which I remixed. He is one of my influences as well.

iEDM: I’ve been listening to your hard summer 2017 set and tracks similar to your latest release with Premiere Classe “Burn”have been played out during your sets. So what can your fans expect from you in 2019?

SAYMYNAME: Hip Hop, some dance records like club records, mid tempo, it can be electro house. Hard trap is my baby right there but as you can hear in my sets I’m not limited. I play everything and I want to make everything.

iEDM: Sweet ! Sounds dope can’t wait for those releases. Okay Dayvid, one last question. I know you’re a big dog lover. So what would you say your spirit dog would be ?

SAYMYNAME: Aww noo,  that so tough!

iEDM: I know you love all dogs but if you had to choose.

SAYMYNAME: Yeah I love all dogs but I wanna say a Shiba or a German Shepard.

iEDM: Any reason?

SAYMYNAME: For one ,German Shepherds are more serious and Shibas are very curious and playful oriented and alert to what’s going on.

iEDM: So let’s just say if a German Shepard and a Shiba had a baby that would basically be you?

SAYMYNAME: Yeah basically !

You can follow Saymyname on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and SoundCloud. 


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