Sheppard Talks Festival Fashion In An Exclusive Interview

| August 28, 2018

Sheppard knows how to style n' profile when putting on a show in front of rabid festival fans.

EDM lovers will automatically recognize Sheppard's major hit, "Geronimo." Benny Benassi remixed the catchy dance song in 2015, putting a whole new spin on a track that gets the crowd pumped every time it's played. Now, they are making waves with their latest effort, Watching the Sky.

When Sheppard took the stage at Billboard's Hot 100 festival this year, music fans roared in excitement as they delivered a memorable set that got the boys and girls jumping.

Amy and Emma Sheppard recently sat down with iEDM in an exclusive interview. The chic sisters discussed their favorite fashion accessories, as well as what their fans can expect for the remainder of the summer season. 



iEDM: Hey Sheppard! Thanks for getting down with the crazy rave kids. They loved you out there. What was your experience like playing Billboard's Hot 100 fest?

Amy Sheppard: It was lots of fun! It's always interesting playing in front of a US fanbase. You never know what to expect. You ask yourself, "Are they going to like you?" I think we won the crowd over, and it was great.

iEDM: I'd have to agree. I know you guys developed a following back in your home country of Australia. I've heard a lot about the difficulties of transitioning over to America. Location has a lot to do with it; a lot of traveling can be exhausting. Your last album dropped in June, and iEDM loved it. What was your experience in America this time around, hitting the ground running?

Emma Sheppard: It's a tough one. The market here is so big. We really do notice the difference when we are in the US. We might have to move here, maybe for a year, at least. That's the hardest thing because Australia is so far away. The work makes it worth it though.

iEDM: For sure. We recently talked to Zeke Beats who also talked about the differences between the Australian and American markets. I've never been to Australia yet, although it is on my bucket list. For you guys, as far as crowd energy goes, is there something in particular that separates Australian and American fans?

Amy Sheppard: It's funny. As I said before, you have to win the crowd over because they don't know us as well. They might not know our music. It's interesting seeing them really come alive halfway through our set. In America, there's so many genres like indie pop. Indie pop-rock. Country music! In Australia, we are considered pop music, but in America, we can be considered indie-rock. Maybe rock. It was really weird for us. Our fans here really get our music.

iEDM: Going off of that, for you guys, what do you really consider yourselves as? It seems like everyone has a different idea as to what Sheppard is about! 

Emma Sheppard: We just call ourselves indie-pop. In Australia, we are independent artists.

iEDM: Awesome. At iEDM, you make us guys dance, hardcore. Another thing I really admire about the band is that all of you have a really cool style. We are all about. As far as festival fashion goes, what makes you feel good when you perform on stage? Do you wake up and go, "Oh, I want to wear THIS today?"

Emma Sheppard: Yeah! You really have to factor in what you want to wear. If you feel uncomfortable when you are not on stage, forget about it when you are actually on stage, performing in front of a crowd! It really has a big impact on your performance. We always take into consideration about what we wear. We can't wear heels on stage because we can't dance around! Haha, and we have to move in dresses if we wear them. It's stuff like that, you know?

iEDM: I give you guys credit. Just wearing t-shirts and shorts is a challenge for me. Awesome shades, Amy--I had to say it. Moving on, I want to talk about the debut album, Bombs Away and the success of "Geronimo." It can't be denied. It was everywhere. I'm a big television guy. The song was all over big shows. Girl Meets World comes to mind. It was a big showcase for you guys. Was there a particular project that you were excited to be a part of?

Amy Sheppard: It's just crazy for us to see how many different things that people use our music for. It's always something to see just how versatile a song is. Some guy used "Geronimo" for his grandfather's funeral. It was his grandfather's favorite song. It was a special moment for them, because his grandfather really loved it, and danced around. We really appreciated that.

Emma Sheppard: There was also a video that went viral. It used our song as part of a proposal! The song is special to people for different reasons.



iEDM: No doubt about it. I know you guys have grown since Bombs Away first put you on the map. What were a few moments, as songwriters and performers, that you felt your growth as artists?

Amy Sheppard: I think since Bombs Away, that a collection of songs that we were working on for years. We were thrown in the deep end when we wrote "Geronimo" and saw the success that followed. We weren't prepared in some aspects for it. This time around, we are prepared. As performing artists, we are ready to show everyone who we are. 

iEDM: It's great to track your progress. As far as the rest of your summer goes, what can fans expect from you?

Emma Sheppard: We are on a big Australian tour, and will be in Europe at the end of the year. "Coming Home" is blowing up at the moment, getting a lot of radio play in Holland. We are looking forward to going to Europe, now. 

iEDM: We will be rooting for you! Before going, your fans would love to hear some final words. If you want to give them a shoutout, now is the time.

Amy Sheppard: Of course! Thank you guys for your support. Thank you for listening to our music. We have tons more love to give you all.


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