Oh the Nostalgia: Top 5 Songs Of Summer 2016

| October 04, 2016

Unfortunately we cannot go back in time and relive the amazing summer and festival season we all just had. However, if anyone out there has a time machine, please let me know. But on the bright side, we have music, and music can bring the flood of memories back.

Every time new music is released we always wonder how it'll be topped because a song is so amazing. Yet, every year and every season songs are released that just out do each other. This summer was an amazing one for new tracks and popular releases. Here we have the top songs that will make you feel like you're back on festival grounds reliving the days of summer.

1. Purple Lamborghini – Skrillex , Rick Ross

Once this song was released it was instantly being dropped in sets. At each festival you were bound to hear it at the very least three times a day. This track was released for the Suicide Squad soundtrack, and even though it was a soundtrack song, it had extreme success. With a movie like Suicide Squad, and a track by Skrillex and Rick Ross, it’s no wonder this track was heard nonstop everywhere. I dare you not to have the desire to get up and move whenever this song drops.

2. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers

Anything and everything The Chainsmokers touch turns to gold - or in this case, platinum. This was the ultimate year for The Chainsmokers as almost every single song they released went platinum in minimal time. "Don’t Let Me Down" was definitely their top song all summer long. However, once "Closer" came out, everyone became obsessed with it, for good reason! Combine the beautiful voice of Halsey with The Chainsmokers and you have the recipe for amazing. Eargasm’s everywhere. If you weren’t a Chainsmokers fan, after this summer, we know you’ve changed your mind.

3. This Is What You Came For – Rihanna and Calvin Harris

This might have been the single most played song at EDCLV alone. If you were leaving one set and walking to another, there was a good chance this song was playing at both of them. From then on it continued to be probably the top song played throughout the entirety of summer. It is entrancing; you immediately will always stop what you’re doing when you hear it and sing along. If you don’t know all the words by now, we just assume you lived under a rock all summer long.

4. Cold Water – Major Lazer ft Justin Bieber

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a Major Lazer track on it. Diplo and Skrillex (Jack U) started a trend when they put Justin Bieber on a track back in early 2015 with "Where R U Now."  The talents of Justin Bieber and his fans combined with the duo’s EDM fans, and you have a banger at the top of the charts. With that, other artists have started releasing songs with Justin, like DJ Snake, and of course Major Lazer.

5. Bring Back The Summer - Rain Man

Can we really call it a comeback if he never really left? After his split from the Krewella girls, Rain Man released a bunch of singles. This one was easily his biggest success so far. In case you needed any proof that Rain Man is here to stay and doesn't need the girls for his success, here you go. This song was played all over the radio and all over festivals all summer long. There is a slim to none chance that by now you haven't heard this song and fallen in love with it.

Honorable Mentions - Songs we didn’t hear quite enough:

Madeon + Porter - Shelter
Into you remix - 3lau
In My Head - Party Favor

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