To The End Of Festival Season

| September 30, 2016

The best festivals are the ones where every day you wake up and you’re tired, you’re burnt out, you have no energy left, but you are so excited to be there. You want to curl back into your tent or hotel bed and sleep for just a few more hours, but you know what’s outside is just too great to let slip away. You show up to the festival grounds and look around and in that moment are just so grateful to be alive.

To the rest of the world there are only four seasons; winter, spring, summer, and fall. Somewhere between spring and summer is the best season of all, festival season. Unfortunately, festival season is coming to an end but it’s not over forever.

This festival season was one for the record books. Some of us wandered out west to Coachella where RL Grime took us to another level with lasers - literally so many lasers, indescribable amounts of lasers.

We embraced the million degree weather that was EDCLV. We watched as Marshmello trolled us all and had us convinced for a hot second that he was actually Tiesto. It will also forever be a mystery why they have that giant octopus shooting fire when it's already as hot as can be.

Okeechobee Festival down in Florida made its debut and then made its way into our hearts. Those mozzarella sticks at Ezoo also may have changed my life forever.

This festival season was one that we can never relive again. We came, we saw, we conquered, and unfortunately like all good things - it must end. We made friends and we traveled and we’ll do it all again next season.

The best part about festivals is when you’re leaving and everyone looks like a zombie. We all wandered in together with hope and bright eyes. People came dressed up in all sorts of different things but we all left together. But then there’s that moment when you’re at the airport the next morning struggling to stay awake so you don’t miss your flight.

You can spot out the ones who came with you throughout the terminals by the look in their eyes. Everyone just looks miserable but has this new glow to them, they are so grateful to be living this life. They may feel like garbage but it’s because those past three days they loved and lived like they never have before. So until next time festival season, I miss you already.

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